Posted by: maboulette | January 9, 2017

Ten Trump Failures and Lies from Just Last Week


Every post-election week with Donald Trump feels like a time without end. The details might change but the story is the same: Trump whines, lies and pleads for attention, scrambling facts, fiction and conspiracy into an exhausting, but now familiar combination.


Last week followed the same formula, with Trump pretending not to know what he knows and to be an expert in everything he doesn’t know, all while waging petty wars using time that could be spent studying policy. He ended the week with an intelligence briefing (we’ve sunk so low, PEOTUS doing his job qualifies as news), but it did little to shift his tone. And in that tone is the message, “We are so screwed.”


So we don’t forget, here’s a look back at just 10 of Trump’s lies and failures from last week:

  1. Calling for an investigation of NBC for leaks instead of the Russian for hacks.
  2. Making personal calls instead of doing his job.
  3. Accepting Julian Assange’s word over 17 intelligence agencies.
  4. Admitting he duped his no-nothing voter base on the border wall, and then lying again.
  5. Lying about having a hand in every job-saving deal.
  6. But refusing to take credit for job losses.
  7. Calling Democratic senator Chuck Shumer a ‘clown,’ then saying we need to unite 9 minutes later.
  8. Throwing Obama’s political ambassadors and their families out on short notice.
  9. Scheduling a news conference to distract from his appointee hearings.
  10. Still publicly smarting about being dissed by all the cool-kid pop stars for his little inauguration thing.

And now we are into another depressing week.




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