Posted by: maboulette | January 3, 2017

Mormon Tabernacle Choir Faces Massive Blowback For Inauguration


After getting turned down by everyone from Garth Brooks to Andrea Bocelli to Celine Dion, it turns out Donald Trump has finally found someone willing to sing at his inauguration: the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. But even that doesn’t appear to be going particularly well, as the choir group is already facing fierce and immediate blowback from the public due to its willingness to align itself with the controversial and illegitimate “president-elect” Trump.


After it’s most recent Facebook post on its official fan page, which had nothing to do with Donald Trump one way or the other, the group quickly faced protestation in the comments section of the post. For instance someone named Harry Lopez made this argument: “The Mormon Tabernacle Choir is not only USA’s Choir. It is the world’s Choir since there are multitudes of members outside USA. I as member of the Church think that Donald Trump celebrates assaulting women, mocks the disable and think Latinos are lower people. Support your president but DO NOT parade with sexual predators who say mean and evil things of Latinos.”


Another commenter, Glenn Horlacher, took things further by accusing the Choir of being Trump’s accomplices: “You folks are facilitating a Nazi.” Yet another poster, Jim Phillipps took on the “Do you hear what I hear” title of the original post, and replied with “Do you hear what I hear? If you do, would not lend yourselves to singing for Trumpf.”


Additional protest comments included everything from “I won’t be listening to a choir that compromises and sings for a man that sexually assaults women” to “This is an awful thing you are doing performing for Trump. He is an awful excuse for a human being.” These are just a few examples of the thousands of angry comments now being posted on the group’s page. With the blowback already furious and still just getting underway, it’s enough to ask whether the Mormon Tabernacle Choir may end up reversing its decision.

There is a petition trying to stop them and even some members are refusing to go.  So far they are still planning to attend.




  1. Mormon leadership……ask yourself this………..if Comrade Dumf was becoming the president and was Gay, would you be sending your choir to sing as his inaugural. Please, STOP being Chinese menu Christians. If you take a moral stand against the gays, then take a moral stand against a thrice married, admitted Adulterer. You cannot take one from Column A, and 2 from Column B and continue to say your are a Christian organization

  2. I will never look at the Mormon Tabernacle Choir the same again if they perform at tRump’s inauguration. He represents everything that is wrong with America. His election is illegitimate, and he is totally unfit to lead.

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