Posted by: maboulette | January 2, 2017

Trump May Learn That White Supremacists Are Demanding Political Bedfellows


Leaders of the white nationalist movement known as the alt right are rumbling early disappointment at the vision of President-elect Donald Trump not doing their bidding.


“In January Trump will start governing and will have to make compromises,” said Holocaust denier and Taki magazine writer David Cole in an interview with The Guardian on Tuesday. “Even small ones will trigger squabbles between the ‘alt-right.’ ‘Trump betrayed us.’ ‘No, you’re betraying us for saying Trump betrayed us.’ And so on. The alt-right’s appearance of power will diminish more and more as they start to fight amongst themselves.”


Jared Taylor, the creator of so-called “race-realist” magazine American Renaissance, criticized Trump for rolling back one of his core campaign pledges on immigration.  “At first he promised to send back every illegal immigrant,” Taylor said to The Guardian. “Now he is waffling on that.”


Mark Weber, who runs the anti-Semitic website the Institute for Historical Review, condemned his fellow alt right members for ever thinking that they could achieve meaningful ideological clout in a Trump administration.




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