Posted by: maboulette | December 29, 2016

Conflict: The Toy Smuggler

Good News in the area of Conflict that you might have missed.

Some people risk their lives to deliver aid to Syria; one man does it to deliver toys. Miral Khalagi, the “toy smuggler” profiled by NBC in September, has traveled to the war-torn nation more than two dozen times, slipping across borders with bags of toys for children hit by the conflict.


Originally from Aleppo, Khalagi grew up in Finland. “As a Syrian, I wanted of course to do my part in helping people,” he told NBC. He decided on toys rather than aid after his daughter Yasmeen, then 3 years old, brought him some of her dolls to take.


There’s not much in Syria this year that could be classed as “good news.” But Khalagi is just one of thousands of humanitarians, from large or small organizations, working to remind the civilians caught in our lifetime’s most devastating crossfire that the world remembers them.

It is always the youngest children that suffer most, because they don’t understand “war” or “hate”.


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