Posted by: maboulette | December 21, 2016

Was Motive of Campaign Attacks To Defeat Clinton?


The latest remarks on the campaign attacks might fuel an ever mounting argument over United States intelligence finding which links Russian intelligence to the cyber-attacks for the purpose of throwing the election as part of an arranged campaign in Moscow – to defeat Clinton.


The Washington Post reported late Saturday that the CIA has briefed members of Congress on an assessment that the Russians directed attacks on Democratic political organizations and campaign officials as part of an effort to defeat Clinton and elect Trump. This goes well beyond an earlier finding that United States intelligence officials were “confident” that the Russian government was indeed behind the cyberattacks, but did not assign a motive for the Russians doing that.


One part of the most damning evidence behind these new finding is that both the CIA and the FBI have identified certain persons linked with or close to the Russian government who offered the DNC emails to Wikileaks, which started publishing them in July, a senior law enforcement officer told the news. In spite of reports of a clash between CIA and FBI over the motive behind Russia’s intelligence service in launching this operation, the differences are much a matter of “degree” and emphasis, with the FBI remarking there might have been “mixed” motives for the Russian effort, the official said.  Still, “we all agree they did these things.” The official said.


But President-elect Trump has doubled down on his rejection of these findings in an interview with Fox News anchor Chris Wallace that aired Sunday, dismissing any conclusion that points to Russian government involvement.



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