Posted by: maboulette | December 20, 2016

Did Michigan GOP Leaders Rig State for Trump?


Just when you thought the Michigan recount effort was over, after the state’s Supreme Court forcibly shut it down, it turns out a whole new chapter is now underway.


For the past several weeks, it has been reported that the large majority of machines that counted votes in Detroit broke down on Election Day, causing the majority of precincts to have vote totals that did not match their log books. Now Michigan voluntarily is launching an audit of those Detroit precincts.


Observers around the nation have been scratching their heads since election day over how Donald Trump could have won Michigan, when each and every poll and predictive model showed him losing the state. To be more precise, no one seemed to be able to deliver any explanation for why more than 87,000 people in Michigan showed up to vote and proceeded to cast a vote in a down ticket race but left the presidential race blank, even when there were no Governor or Senator races which could have provoked that type of down ticket-only turnout.


Third party candidate Jill Stein tried to force a recount statewide in Michigan in order to get answers. But the Republican-controlled state fought her on almost every step she took, including making the claim that the precincts with the incorrect vote totals couldn’t be recounted because they were incorrect to start with. In the end, the court halted the recount completely before it could uncover whatever Michigan Republicans were trying to hide. But now they’re curiously beginning their own investigation.


Especially the Detroit audit which is being started by Michigan’s Secretary of State Ruth Johnson, one of the Republicans who didn’t want the recount to happen. And the quotes from Elections Director Chris Thomas which appeared in this Detroit News report may explain why the state’s Republican officials are now doing what they’re doing.


“We’re assuming there were (human) errors,” says Thomas. And then Republican State Senator Patrick Colbeck goes on to make the suggestion that precinct workers used “fraudulent procedures.” In other words, the Republicans running Michigan are trying to find a way to blame the people who worked at the Detroit precincts for the suspicious inconsistencies. In fact the Detroit News article ends with this bizarre statement: “It’s unclear how many votes were added in Detroit,” suggesting that the newspaper reporter has been conned by GOP officials into the brief that the Detroit precincts somehow OVER-COUNTED the presidential votes when everything we know states just the opposite.


At least now we do know why Michigan’s Republican leadership was trying so hard to stop the recount from happening: they instead wanted the opportunity to scapegoat any incorrect totals on the same people of Detroit whom they screwed over. It’s always the attempted to cover up that gives away the culprits and their motives. It is at this point there is almost no question that Michigan Republicans rigged the state on behalf of Donald Trump and it will never be proven.

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