Posted by: maboulette | December 16, 2016

Problems with Donald Trump’s Transition Period


There are some problems about our President-elect that are categorically beginning to trouble me and I venture to guess others may feel the same way.


First there is this association with Vladimir Putin – Trump cannot say anything bad about this man.  It is my belief that Trump is too close to someone who is essentially our enemy.  Putin is an evil man, who has killed his own countrymen and is a former member of the KGB.  He doesn’t have the best interest of ‘friendly relations with the United States’ as key to his political positions.  Putin’s only interest is agreements that are best for him and Mother Russia.  Putin will do virtually anything to get the upper hand in any deal.  Yet, Trump thinks he can be great friends with Putin.  Putin only had to say some nice things about Donald Trump and now it seems as if Trump has fallen right into the hands of this Russian dictator.


Look at Trump’s choice for Secretary of State – a businessman who has a good relationship with Russia.  Now being the nation’s top diplomat, our Secretary of State needs to have good relationships with other countries besides just Russia.  I also have problems putting a businessman into this position in the first place but one who was given the “Order of Friendship Award” by Vladimir Putin himself – seems to be just too close to our enemy.


In fact, I have problems with all the rich businessmen that Trump is putting into key positions.  A good businessman doesn’t make somebody competent to assist in running a country – it just doesn’t.   Of course Trump believes they can and eventually it might take a major problem for the United States before he will understand that running the government of the United States is not the same as running a business.


The second problem I have with Trump is that he lies about almost everything.  He completed a deal with Carrier which sounded so great because he twisted the facts.  When the true facts came out – it wasn’t that that great of a deal.  Yes, he reached an agreement with a company to not move some positions to Mexico but that is only due to the fact that Trump paid them off – the state will give Carrier $7 million in  tax breaks for keeping 730 jobs from moving to Mexico.  That is close to $10,000 for every employee who will not be losing their job.  Now I am not a business person but that certainly doesn’t sound like a great deal to me; to me it sounds like an extremely expensive one. 


This leads into my third problem with our President-elect, he has to discontinue the Twitter wars.  Chuck Jones, president of United Steelworkers Local 1999, which represents workers at United Technologies Corp’s Carrier plant, had an interview and stated that Trump was lying about the deal that was made.  This pushed Trump into a Twitter tirade concerning Jones who actually is a private citizen.

 Whenever Trump gets angry or disagrees with a person or country or an organization, he takes to Twitter to tell the world how he feels.  Everyone in the United States does not need to know information such as this which often brands Trump child-like.  He has gone after the intelligence community with Twitter and torn a rip in that vital relationship between a president and his intelligence community. Trump has as well tweeted how he feels about China last weekend.  He uses Twitter to disagree with the country that we owe the most money to.  Am I the only one who sees this as being problematic?


In fact Trump takes everything to Twitter rather than having press conferences where he would have to answer follow up questions – he hasn’t met with the press since July.  He cannot remain hiding in his Twitter account.  It looks to me like Donald Trump is afraid of facing the American Press and a President cannot handle the affairs of state without occasionally having a press conference. This is the reaction that a teenager would have when he is unhappy with a girlfriend; it certainly isn’t the way the President of the United States should be acting. Someone on his staff needs to talk to him about his Twitter account – it is simply not presidential.


Next there is the huge problem of global climate change which Trump said is a “hoax made up by China”. He also says he is a smart man and has an “open mind” but when 91% of scientists believe in global climate change with the other 9% only debating that human activity is part of the cause that doesn’t show me a smart man. Selecting Cabinet officials who are almost all climate change sceptics shows that this open mind is really tightly closed shut.  That mind wants to get rid of all the climate regulations that businesses have to follow and which affects a company’s bottom line tells me that this is a President for big business not for the middle class.


Finally, the fact that Trump does not have time for his Presidential Daily briefing, so he has assigned that to someone else – is extremely troubling.  Trump tells everything – perhaps it would have been better to just not say anything about this subject and we would all sleep well at night believing that our new president knows all that intelligence is telling him on what is going on around the world.  Now there will be a tiny part of me that will probably never sleep well until this man is out of office.  Trump has a problem with sharing everything about his job on Twitter when perhaps keeping some things within the confines of himself and his staff would have been better.  The Presidential Daily Briefing is one of those things.


When you add this all together with the fact that a President of a foreign country ran an operation to put Trump not Hillary Clinton into the White House – we seem to have a very enormous problem.


What would I tell the Electoral College if I had the chance? Alexander Hamilton’s Federalist 68 explains the Electoral College and is widely cited by those who want electors to stage an anti-Trump revolt.  Do what the Electoral College was put in place to do – to keep someone who is incompetent from being president!  Should they vote in Hillary or Pence – that is their decision to make; I feel bad for them but this is one time when patriotism should be more important than party.  They should do what is best for our country and to me that is keeping Donald Trump out of the Oval Office.


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