Posted by: maboulette | December 11, 2016

Trump Has Trouble with the Truth So Does His Advisers


Donald Trump’s former campaign manager says that the president-elect has already accomplished more in one month since his election than President Obama has in the last four years.


“Donald Trump, in the first four weeks of his presidency, has done more to help this country than I think Barack Obama has done in the last four years,” Corey Lewandowski said in an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Tuesday.


Lewandowski who is an informal Trump adviser and is expected to join his administration, said Trump has a shown a stronger “commitment” to the U.S. military and American businesses than the Obama administration’s second term by vowing “to reduce the amount of government regulations so they can continue to grow” at a rate higher than the current economy.


“His presidency is summed up in two words: America first,” Lewandowski said. “I love it.”


At an event at Carrier Corporation in Indianapolis last week, Trump touted his ability to broker a deal that he said would keep 1,100 factory jobs from being moved to Mexico.

“Those are hard-working Americans who are going to be able to keep their jobs here and have a great Christmas,” Lewandowski said. “You can say again, ‘Merry Christmas,’ because Donald Trump is now the president. You can say it again. It’s OK to say, it’s not a pejorative word anymore.”


Truth is that Trump’s deal with Carrier will save 730 positions, while more than 550 are still being moving to Monterrey, Mexico.


“He got up there, and, for whatever reason, lied his ass off,” Chuck Jones, president of the United Steelworkers 1999, which represents Carrier employees, told the Washington Post.


On Tuesday, Trump took credit for Japan-based SoftBank’s $50 billion investment in U.S. start-ups after a meeting with Masayoshi Son, the company’s chief executive, at Trump Tower.

“Masa (SoftBank) of Japan has agreed to invest $50 billion in the U.S. toward businesses and 50,000 new jobs,” the president-elect tweeted. “Masa said he would never do this had we (Trump) not won the election!”


Truth is according to Bloomberg, SoftBank and Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund unveiled a good portion of the venture before the Nov. 8 election.

No matter.

“Donald Trump is a businessman,” Lewandowski said. “Fifty billion dollars and 50,000 jobs in the first four weeks? We continue down this path, we’re going to have to have an increase in immigration to fill up all these jobs.”


So it’s not just Trump who has problems with the truth – it seems so does his advisors – at least this one.




  1. Hello, friend! I am a long time follower. I come here often to see what new information you have to share. Sometimes I like what I find. Other times not so much. But there is one thing you never failed to deliver, and that is consistency. I can always bet my last dollar that next Monday Morning there will be new posts about politics on this blog. I commend you. And I wish I was consistent as you are. We need more people like you in the world, and in politics.

    My friend, it is evident that you publish all your new posts at the same time. Today I counted nine. You have material for a whole week. Why do you not schedule a post or two to get published on different days? That way your consistency would be more evident. And social media would love you for it. Any social media expert will tell you that good consistent content like your gets more eyeballs in the social media space.

    I hope you react kindly to my advice. I think it’s sound. Happy Holidays to you. Keep writing!

    • Thanks for your post – and perhaps your are correct, I will need to think about what you said. I appreciate your kinds comments – thanks for writing.

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