Posted by: maboulette | December 9, 2016

Stein Filed Appeal with Michigan Supreme Court


All over the news last night was the inaccurate headlines that the Michigan recount was over – which is simply not true.  They were saying that the recount was “finished” or “dead”.  The Palmer Report was the only news outlet that was reporting the truth. They stated that Jill Stein was preparing a case for the Michigan Supreme Court so as to get the recount up and running again.  And today, Stein also confirmed that she has in fact filed with the Michigan Supreme Court.


“Yesterday, we appealed to the Michigan Supreme Court, and are calling on the Court to do its job and consider our appeal,” Jill Stein tweeted today. Prior to Stein’s announcement, Palmer report had already found  this information buried deeply in an Associated Press report whose headline incorrectly made it sound as if the effort for this state’s  recount was finished.


They also reported last night that Jill Stein had already been working on a strategy to force two Michigan Supreme Court Justices to recuse themselves, due to both appearing on Donald Trump’s list for potential U.S. Supreme Court nominees – therefore showing that they could not be impartial about this recount as it could cost Trump the presidency.  Meanwhile, as these developments are playing out, the Michigan recount is on pause but it is still alive and kicking. It is also confusing why the major media outlets are continuing to report on the recounts in a scarce as well as often wrong manner.



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