Posted by: maboulette | December 7, 2016

Trump Tower Has New Amenity


Supposedly the Secret Service is being advertised as a new “amenity” for Trump Tower residents.


Real estate agency Douglas Elliman sent out an email flier advertising a condo for sale in the building with a subject line that reads “Fifth Avenue Buyers Interested in Secret Service Protection?”

“The Best Value in the Most Secure Building in Manhattan,” the email states. “The New Aminity [sic] – The United States Secret Service.”


The one-bedroom condo up for sale is going for $2.1 million and spans 1,052 square feet. The building owned by President-elect Donald Trump does not receive a percentage of the unit’s sale price but will get processing fees that are about $2,000 per application, plus $250 for every additional adult inhabitant.


While Elliman’s email advertises Secret Service protection as a reason to buy in Trump Tower, realtor Debra Stotts tells that Trump’s election win could motivate other residents to leave the building. 


New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said this week that the city is spending $500,000 a day on the security detail for Trump Tower. While Trump will be moving out following inauguration, his wife, Melania, and youngest son Barron are planning to stay in the penthouse suite, where they will continue to be protected by Secret Service agents.



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