Posted by: maboulette | December 6, 2016

Tell Congress How Unhappy You Are with Trump’s Cabinet Choices


Donald Trump is picking his team to run the government and, so far, it’s been a mess.  Donald Trump doesn’t know anything about policy. He isn’t even interested in learning. So, at the very least, he should be hiring experts to guide him.

But instead, some of his highest profile picks have been people with records of extreme bigotry (like Jeff Sessions for Attorney General and Stephen Bannon as chief adviser) and people who are shockingly unqualified (like Ben Carson for HUD Secretary and Betsy DeVos for Education Secretary).

He’s also begun to name a slew of corporate crusaders and hacks to various positions as a reward for their loyalty — even as he promises to “drain the swamp!”

So far, Trump’s giving us the worst of both worlds. Instead of bringing in fresh faces who have the people’s interests at heart, he’s hiring corporate shills to regulate the very industries they came from.

Take Myron Ebell, who could be the head of the EPA. Ebell is a prominent climate denier. He leads the energy policy arm of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, a conservative lobby group.

Ebell doesn’t think it’s the EPA’s job to protect our environment. In fact, he’d rather strip the agency of its power to regulate Big Polluters. For starters, he’d tear apart the Clean Power Plan and gut rules on pollutants like methane.

Why would Ebell go to such great lengths to roll back our progress? Because Ebell has lots of friends in the fossil fuel industry who stand to make big money off of polluting our planet. And Myron Ebell wants to make it easy for them — no matter what the cost to people or the environment.

But it’s not just Myron Ebell. Trump’s pick for Treasury Secretary is a Goldman Sachs banker who profited off of the Housing crisis. And Trump has floated oil company executives to head the Department of Energy and even the Department of State!

The list goes on and on.

Americans of all political stripes want a government that puts the People’s interests ahead of Big Oil’s and Wall Street’s.

We can’t stay silent while Trump uses the presidency to enrich himself and his friends. We still have a chance to shake things up. But we need you to speak up NOW!

Let your Congressional delegation know how unhappy you are.  Call your Representatives and Senators and register your unhappiness.  All of these Cabinet picks have to be approved by Congress.

You can find your House member contact information here!

And for your Senator go here!


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