Posted by: maboulette | December 3, 2016

Kathleen Madigan – Best Stand-up Comedian

My favorite comedian just released a new video on Netflix and she is as funny as ever.  If you know me, you know that I am talking about Kathleen Madigan one of the best stand-up comedian in the United States today – in my opinion.

I discovered this gem of an entertainer about 8 years ago when I was doing data entry on the night shift.  I had a membership for Sirius radio so that I could have music, or podcasts or news to keep me awake all night.  One night I found the Comedy Channel.  I remember the first joke Kathleen told that hooked me into a fan.

She actually helped me to quit smoking.  Whenever I had the urge to go outside and smoke, I would start her show on my computer and after laughing the urge to smoke was normally gone.  I had been smoking for many years but I actually stopped before my lungs were damaged beyond repair.

So, whether you need a laugh or need help not smoking, take a listen to Kathleen Madigan – Bothering Jesus or Madigan Again both on Netflix – others can be found on Amazon.  All her specials are equally funny. To get to her website click here.  Her schedule is listed here and you can check to see if she will be in your city or close by- spend the money to see her; money well spent.


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