Posted by: maboulette | December 2, 2016

Trump Falsely Implied He Won Michigan Recount, but It Hasn’t Started Yet


In the days since an effort has gotten off the ground to recount the votes in three key swing states where Donald Trump’s narrow and shocking victories have been called into question by a number of arbitrarily shifting vote totals, Trump has hit the panic button. Does he know that the states in question were rigged for him, and he’s afraid of getting caught? Is he simply melting down because his victory is being challenged? In any case, Trump answered today by trying to create the false appearance today that he won the Michigan recount, even though it hasn’t started yet.


“The Great State of Michigan was just certified as a Trump WIN giving all of our MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN supporters another victory,” Donald Trump tweeted this morning, in a seemingly clear attempt being disingenuous to the public into believing that he had just been named the winner of the Michigan recount that he had spent the past several days railing against. But what actually happened was that the original vote totals in Michigan were recently certified by state officials, as ABC News had already reported.


In terms of the upcoming recount, the certification of the original vote means nothing at all. In fact, in the time that transpired between the original Michigan vote totals and the eventual certified vote totals, Hillary Clinton caught up by thousands of votes as various precincts acknowledged that they had severely undercounted her votes – a controversy which has been reporting on throughout.


There are additional disputes in Michigan, such as the 87,000 people who supposedly showed up just to vote in down ticket races but cast no vote for President at all, even though there was no Governor or Senator race in Michigan in 2016 to draw that level of down ticket interest. But because Donald Trump falsely implied that he was named the winner of a Michigan recount that hasn’t even started yet, at least some of his supporters have begun claiming as much across social media.




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