Posted by: maboulette | December 2, 2016

Non-profit Group Planning Lawsuit for Recount in Florida


Even with a recount determination led by third party candidate Jill Stein now underway in the narrowly decided swing states of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, she is not permitted to look for a recount in the equally close race in Florida. State law prohibits any candidate from applying for a recount. But a non-profit group is planning to immediately sue the state of Florida to force a recount – and that group is now raising funds to cover the cost of that lawsuit.


The good news, for anyone wanting to see a 2016 presidential recount happen in Florida, is that the group only needs $50,000 to proceed with the lawsuit. The trickier part is that they need the money almost immediately so they’ll be able to proceed in time. A Florida law firm, led by attorney Clint Curtis, has already taken the case and is looking to file the lawsuit Friday.


The group in question, Protect Our Elections, is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit and has a documented history of fighting for campaign as well as election reform. Here’s the donation page for the Florida recount lawsuit effort. If a recount in Florida can be forced, it could uncover voting total errors or fraud which could reverse Donald Trump’s narrow victory over Hillary Clinton in the state. But time is running out.

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