Posted by: maboulette | November 25, 2016

Trump Jr Had Meeting with Russian Group During the Election


Donald Trump received widespread criticism this week for trying to include his children in his meetings with foreign leaders.  These same children will be running his businesses when he takes office and it turns out those meetings aren’t anything new.


The growing complaints that Trump conspired with the Russians to sabotage the 2016 election process just gained strength as well. As it turns out, Donald Trump Jr. secretly met with envoys from the Kremlin four weeks before the election.


Donald Trump Jr. met in Paris with a coalition led by Fabien Baussart and Randa Kassis (source: Wall Street Journal) who have been working closely with the Kremlin to try to ensure that the Syrian civil war plays out in Russia’s favor. This is consistent with Donald Trump’s own campaign premise that the United States should basically allow Vladimir Putin and Russia to do anything they want in any part of the world. But what may be most remarkable is the timing of this meeting, and what Donald began saying shortly afterward.


Throughout the general election, Donald Trump was considered the underdog with very little chance of winning. Every poll had him far behind Hillary Clinton, as did nearly every pundit on both sides of the aisle. This came even as Donald Trump publicly insisted he was in fact in the lead.


Then beginning on October 15th he started loudly insisting that the election was being “rigged” against him, to the point that many are now asking if he knew the election was going to be rigged for him, and he was trying to deflect it. As it turns out, Trump’s son met with the Kremlin lackeys on October 11th, just four days before he began talking obsessively about a rigged election.

Connect the dots as you will but it certainly looks ‘fishy’.  Especially when Trump continued to say he had no connects with Russia.  Only after the election did the voters find out that Trump had dealing with companies in Russia and had been traveling back and forth to Russia starting back when it was better known as the Soviet Union.



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