Posted by: maboulette | November 22, 2016

The Alt-Right People Held Meeting

Over the weekend, an organization that calls itself the National Policy Institute held a meeting of several hundred white nationalists and other elements of the self-styled “alt-right” in Washington to celebrate the election of Donald Trump.


While this outfit’s leader, Richard Spencer (coined the term Alt-right), sought to present its racist program publicly in the most insipid terms, a video of his closing speech — shot by a documentary team working for The Atlantic magazine — showed him shouting “Hail Trump” as followers saluted with their arms thrust out, just like old-time Nazis. Spencer’s remarks suggested that Jews are not human, and quoted the old Nazi term “luegenpresse” in “the original German,” as he put it, to criticize the “lying press.”

When that video surfaced on Monday, the branding of “alt right,” was scraped away to reveal the restless Nazi underneath. Such a spectacle should have upset Trump, still trying to stabilize his awkward transition to power, because the president-elect’s “chief strategist” Steve Bannon has boasted of transforming his media company,, into “a platform for the alt right.” And the “alt right” Nazis welcomed Bannon’s appointment when it was announced last week.

The newly elected President needs to stand up and speak out against this group.


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