Posted by: maboulette | November 21, 2016

Crazy Way to Elect a President – Every Vote Doesn’t Count


Tomorrow it will be two weeks since Election Day, and while Hillary Clinton lost the Electoral College, it seems that her popular vote count significantly surpasses that of President-elect Donald Trump every day.


It would appear that Trump will walk away with 306 electoral votes compared to Clinton’s 232. According to the latest numbers on popular vote however, Trump received 61,820,845 votes in total, while Clinton has 63,390,669 votes to her name.


The voter difference comes out to 1,569,824, and ABC approximated that the 2016 voter breakdown was technically 48% for Clinton, and 47% for Trump.


Trump critics have been enraged by the election results, causing protests and calls for legislation to do away with the Electoral College. Troubled Americans have also backed a petition asking the Electoral College take notice of the popular vote, and give the presidency to Clinton instead of Trump.


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