Posted by: maboulette | November 17, 2016

Foreign Allies Unable To Reach Donald Trump – Try Twitter


If you happen to have Donald Trump’s phone number, several foreign leaders are about to owe you a big favor. It seems the elected leaders of America’s most important allies have found themselves totally unable to reach the new “president-elect” of the United States, eight days after the election. As Trump remains in hiding, this situation has gotten so out of control that one foreign leader had to rely on a professional golfer in getting Trump on the phone.


Apart from a timid interview on 60 Minutes, an appearance at a steakhouse, and a series of whining tweets on Twitter, it seem Donald Trump has essentially gone into hiding since winning the election. Millions of mainstream Americans instantly took to the streets to protest his victory for a number of reasons, from his severe loss in the popular vote, to widespread suspicion that the Russians and WikiLeaks rigged the results, to a rejection of Trump’s generally psychotic temperament during the campaign. Either frozen under pressure, or because he simply doesn’t want the job, Trump isn’t even bothering to conduct the most basic actions essential for a president-elect.


The Prime Minister of Australia, for instance, was only able to get a message to Donald Trump after getting his phone number from Australian pro golfer Greg Norman, who happened to have it handy. The leader of the current Egyptian military junta was able to reach Trump this week by dialing every phone number listed for Trump Tower before finally hitting one that got through.


And the leadership of Japan was supposed to meet with Trump in New York City on Thursday, but as of this writing they have not been told where or when this supposed meeting might take place, creating a potential international episode if the Prime Minister ends up having to go home empty handed.


Even as all this utterly incompetent chaos carries out and America’s key allies go into a panic about whether the United States is even going to have a legitimate leader once President Barack Obama’s term expires in January, Donald Trump is spending his time denying it all on his now-infamous Twitter account. He’s insisting that his historically catastrophic transition is going “so smoothly.” He’s also bragging about the handful of foreign leaders he has spoken with. But he listed Russia first, the same nation that many Americans believe rigged the election in Trump’s favor. And this is only day eight of the transition meltdown.


Perhaps the other leaders just need to get a Twitter account – Trump is usually on Twitter in the wee hours of the morning ET time.



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