Posted by: maboulette | November 16, 2016

Stop the Dakota Access Pipeline Construction



Yesterday thousands of people protested at Army Corps of Engineer buildings across the country demanding that the Dakota Access Pipeline construction stop.

In solidarity with those protests and the indigenous people of Standing Rock, Daily Kos members called into the White House to demand that DAPL construction stop immediately and we need that drumbeat to continue today.

Call the White House and let them know there is no more time for “waiting to see what happens.” The Dakota Access Pipeline must be stopped in its tracks right now.

White House phone number:

Hello my name is _______. I’m calling to urge President Obama to stop all construction on the Dakota Access pipeline. This pipeline will leak oil in drinking water supplies, as it destroys important Native American sites. We need the President to stand for people and the environment, not protect big oil company profits, especially before Donald Trump gets in.

After you’ve made your phone call, click here to tell us how the White House responded.

Can’t call? Click here to stand with the protesters, the Standing Rock Sioux and thousands of others protecting our drinking water. Send the White House an email demanding they stop the Dakota Access pipeline.


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