Posted by: maboulette | November 16, 2016

Mike Pence Email Scandal Breaks Out


Only one week after Pence and his ticket-mate Donald Trump won an election which was make illegitimate partly by a phony ‘Hillary Clinton email scandal’ invented by the FBI director, who finally admitted just before voting began that the entire thing had been a sham, it turns out Pence also is now fighting to avoid being taken down by an email scandal of his very own – and this one is real.


A tad bit ironic isn’t it?  Pence created this scandal when he used his role as Governor of Indiana in 2014 to file suit against President Obama, in the name of stopping immigration reform.  It turns out that Pence hired outside counsel to take care of his lawsuit and he made the taxpayers foot that bill for attorney’s fees, which means his private communication with his attorney are fair play.


As the legal action develops in the Indiana courts this week to expose those emails, Mike Pence is fighting to try to stop the emails from being released. Considering that Pence is now finished with Indiana politics and should be focused on preparing to take office as the Vice President of the United States, his sudden focus on shutting down the release of his 2014 emails sends a clear signal that whatever he’s hiding is shocking. One has to accept that the secrets in his emails are scandalous enough to bring down his job before he can even be sworn in, or he wouldn’t be so focused. this week on quashing them. But the legal proceedings continue against him as we speak.




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