Posted by: maboulette | November 15, 2016

Does Trump Really Want To Be President?


It turns out Donald Trump is now beginning to sound as if he doesn’t want to be President in the same way that most of ordinary America doesn’t want to be President. Aides are now making it quite clear that Trump plans to spend most of his 4 years on vacation and won’t even see inside of the White House all that much. In a New York Times piece it makes it sound as if he’s already laying the foundation for not taking office.

Trump’s aides are already strangely leaking the fact that if he takes office, he’ll continue to spend much of his time at Trump Tower in New York City and at his golf course resort in Florida, never spending a weekend in Washington DC, and maybe NOT EVEN spending all that many weekdays there either. This would make Donald Trump an absentee President, spending far more days on “vacation” than any modern President.

Even George W. Bush, who was basically the Vacationer in Chief due to the amount of time he spent hanging around his Texas ranch instead of governing, only spent around eighteen percent of his days in office on vacation. And while Republican leaders have constantly make the claim that Barack Obama has spent an unusually large amount of days on vacation in a rather clearly racist effort at making him look like the stereotypically lazy black man, the facts are that Obama has spent fewer days on vacation than any President in a generation

And yet Donald Trump is making plans to barely show up for the job at all. Again, it’s bizarre that his aides are already putting this information out there openly, that will only serves to give his attackers even more material for helping to delegitimize his “presidency” before he can even take office. Or maybe that’s their plan.


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