Posted by: maboulette | November 14, 2016

The Newest Book Out On the Assassination of JFK


It has been more than 50 years since President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas.  And there is new evidence uncovered in secret diaries of a Cold War spy and assassin that implicates another clandestine figure is believed to be working as a double agent for Cuba.  This has been the claim in a new and explosive book.


The never-before-revealed diaries of Douglas DeWitt Bazata, an officer who was decorated for the United States Office of Strategic Services – the forerunner of the Central Intelligence Agency – claims that his long-time close friend and fellow spy, Rene Alexander Dussaq was a “primary organizer and plotter” of Kennedy’s assassination on Nov. 22, 1963.


These diaries reveal that Dussaq might even have fired the fatal “shot or shots” that killed Kennedy, according to author Robert K. Wilcox’s latest book, “Target: JFK, The Spy Who Kill Kennedy?” that goes on sale Nov. 14th.

According to Bazata’s diaries, Dussaq launched the assassination plot to make a point aimed at the leaders of America for the manipulation of smaller countries. Bazata was designated his historian.


“He delegated Bazata, when the time was right – after the assassination’s shock had dissipated – to tell the public the truth about what happened in hopes America’s leaders would change and allow sovereign nations like Cuba to decide their own fate rather than have America decide it for them,” wrote Wilcox.


The Bay of Pigs invasion that was sponsored by the CIA in 1961 and continued attempts by Kennedy’s administration to kill Fidel Castro finally encouraged Dussaq to put his sinister “Hydra-K” assassination plot into play, according to these diaries that Bazata’s wrote.

“(Cuba) could not determine its own destiny and this was so big with Dussaq,” Wilcox told The Post. “He was a guy who believed that every person should determine their own destiny and every country should do the same.”

Wilcox told The Post that he believes the coded diaries that Bazata give him in 1999 prior to his death – several thousand handwritten pages in all – clearly gives the indicate Dussaq was a double agent working for Cuba.  In fact, Bazata writes that one of the reasons the Bay of Pigs invasion failed was since Dussaq was informing Cuba all along. Dussaq’s 2nd wife, Charlotte, also told Wilcox that Dussaq was asked by the CIA to help to plan the operation, but he refused.

Interesting information in the book – which I just purchased and will have more to say about this later.



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