Posted by: maboulette | November 12, 2016

Talk of Impeachment Has Now Started


Just one day after an unqualified and unstable career criminal was somehow elected President of the United States despite losing the popular vote there is already a concerted plan underway to impeach him the minute he touches down in the White House. This is no mere wishful thinking or protestor’s daydream. Instead it’s a detailed strategy devised by Constitutional experts at the University of Utah which could lead to Donald Trump never getting underway as President.

The strategy was devised as an emergency Plan B weeks ago in the unlikely event that Donald Trump somehow won or stole the election; the latter now appears to be a real possibility.

The upshot of the twenty-three page plan is that Trump can be impeached for fraud and racketeering based on the already-available evidence in the Trump University scandal. Although there is already a legal process underway in the court system to address Trump University, it’s aimed primarily at those who licensed the name from him and committed the crimes. However, impeachment is different in that Congress simply needs to collectively decide he’s guilty.

Donald Trump’s firewall against impeachment is that he (likely purposely) picked a running mate in Mike Pence who is arguably even more of a conservative extremist than he is, meaning that those who oppose Trump would have to think twice about wanting to remove him. But impeachment doesn’t have to be about removal. Bill Clinton was impeached on a technicality with the sole intention of distracting him from his political agenda, crippling his second term, and making it difficult for Al Gore to get elected in 2000. Clinton was ultimately censured but not removed. Similarly, Trump’s impeachment could keep his hands tied for his entire first two years in office, long enough for the Democrats to win back the House and Senate in the midterms and then shut down his agenda entirely.

The question becomes whether enough Republicans in Congress would be willing to work with the Democrats to impeach Donald Trump for the sake of slowing him down.

As of today, that answer would be no; but a large number of Republicans in Congress come from moderate districts. If the public’s distaste for Trump continues to grow and reaches a fevered pitch around the time he’s entering office, particularly if he’s acting erratically, some Republicans in Congress could opt to impeach him for the sake of saving themselves in the 2018 midterms.

We’re not there yet politically, but the legal basis for impeaching Trump is already abundantly clear based on what his past actions.




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