Posted by: maboulette | November 11, 2016

Russian Government Admits WikiLeaks Helped Trump Win


Even as Americans are still asking themselves if these is a bad dream, questions are being asked whether bad actors such as Wikileaks and the Russian government were working to try to get Trump elected.  You no longer need to worry about that question since it turns out, a noticeable person in the Russian government is bragging that is exactly what was going on this entire time.

No one should be surprised as  a plot like this has been talked about by one of its own participants; that usually what happens in the end. Sergei Markov, a Russian political analyst and a puppet for Valdimir Putin and the Kremlin in much the same way that someone like Rudy Giuliani is a puppet of the Trump administration, was just too giddy to keep his mouth shut.

Markov said “Maybe we helped a bit with WikiLeaks.”  This is reported by the Guardian.  Of course, he is denying that Russia and Putin directly rigged the election.  But he couldn’t help but brag a little and ended up confirming that WikiLeaks was in fact under the thumb of the government of Putin.

So what now? Even with this admission, which Vladimir Putin will walk back, it doesn’t give us any evidence that the Russian government and WikiLeaks were in control for hacking in any actually changing of people’s votes. So even as we continue to stare at the incredibly suspect and nearly rubbish of voting totals which don’t compare with anything that should be possible under any electoral situations, we’re still left to wonder if foreign enemies were responsible for jiggering the numbers. But the Kremlin itself just basically told us to keep digging for answers

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