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Leader of the Conspiracy Theory Subculture – part 2


9/11 became a real cash cow for Alex Jones so much that since then virtually every western mass casualty event since then is at least vaguely referred to as a false flag attack at some point along its media lifespan. Even if he changes his mind later or theorizes numerous conflicting reasons for it being a false flag, he pulls out this con on his listeners.  It is all part of keeping his audience scared of something all the time.  Of course, there are always the books, movies and equipment/supplies that they can buy which keeps money coming in from advertisers.



The Boston Marathon Bombing was a clear example of this. Even before the dust had settled and basic facts had emerged, Jones was on air saying it had all the hallmarks of being a state sponsored act of terrorism. In fact he was so certain, that he bragged about predicting it.

“I went on the radio today, hours before this happened, it’s on record, and I said I can see all of the scripting with the TV shows and movies, where it’s the right wing patriots that are staging the terror, they’re going to merge with Al Qaeda, and I said I see them staging it very soon, because I see a crescendo of the preparation.” 


Naturally most people immediately suspected Islamic extremists and it quickly emerged that the accused had a Muslim background. There was no sign of a conspiracy to pin the attack on right wingers.


Jones then seized on the testimony of runner Alastair Stevenson, who said he witnessed a bomb detection drill that morning near the start line.  How can Alex identify a security presence at a large public event as a false flag is anyone’s guess! Alex always moans about the invading police state, but this time it’s an irregularity?


InfoWars reporter Dan Biondi then attended the press conferences with the police commissioner and governor, and asked them directly if it was “another false flag attack, staged to take our liberties,” doing nothing more than feed the conspiracy theory echo chamber. One local resident challenged the loud-mouth when he was filming on the streets of Boston.

Next comes as it always does – the blame game. Jones overlooks the fact that he has already involved police bomb sniffing teams as well as the FBI.  Next Jones crew vaguely blames military-like personnel for the attack. This switched into private security firm Craft International since one of the men was photographed wearing a similar hat to the Craft uniform. However it was quite clear from the larger collection of photos that this was actually the National Guard Civil Support Team – something InfoWars would later admit.


So far Jones has yet to form an intelligible narrative or bring up any solid evidence that the bombing was indeed an inside job, but he routinely goes back to it as if it was a proven fact.

That’s not to say there aren’t some real questions, such as possible prior intelligence and variations in some of the evidence (see: inconsistent backpack colour), but Jones prefers to throw everything at a wall to see what sticks, instead of taking a sane and honest approach.  All this to keep his audience on the verge of hysteria all the time so they will buy what they need to have when they go underground.



There are a lot of things you can give Alex Jones a pass on, but suggesting Americans would soon be rounded up and sent to concentration camps where they may end up resting in mass produced plastic coffins is not one of them!


The fact is FEMA has plans to shelter citizens during disasters and other emergencies, while helping to maintain the “continuity of government.” It’s been that way since the Cold War and is not a particularly shocking policy. Anything else you’ve heard about so called FEMA Camps is purely speculation. Could the government theoretically go full Nazi at some point? Sure, but that could happen with or without FEMA and there’s no evidence that such an massacre of America citizens is actually being planned.


As for the coffins Jones and Jesse Ventura comically stumbled across them on the former governor’s “Conspiracy Theory” show. They’re not owned by FEMA nor are they coffins. They’re coffin vaults/containers, used to house coffins when there are ground subsidence and water issues at the cemetery.


Believe it or not millions of people die every year in the United States. Coffins and burial apparatus have to be manufactured to meet this demand. If this was part of a secret conspiracy would the government really just leave the evidence in an open field in Georgia so Alex Jones or anyone else could find them.



When Farage was known for calling European Council President Herman Van Rompuy a damp rag, he was a “semi-regular” guest on the Alex Jones Show.   Not the pairing that is obvious but Jones sees the European Union as one part of the emerging global government and UKIP are the UK’s leading anti-EU party and so there was a little common ground.


On 6th of May, 2010, Farage hired a light aircraft piloted to display a UKIP banner.  But this banner got caught in the tailpipe mid-flight forcing them to crash land in a field.  This was all it took for Alex Jones to start suggesting the elite had tried to off his British friend.  “In politics, nothing happens by accident.  If it happens, you can bet it was planned that” opened the InfoWars article on the accident.  Jones on air repeatedly called it “suspicious” and said that Farage needed guards 24/7 around his hospital bed.


During a broadcast in the June, Farage seems quite happy to play up this rumor.  “If they’ve got rid of me, they’ve got another thing coming,” he declared.



Another stunt happened in January 2016, when a wheel on Farage’s Volvo came loose as he was driving from Brussels.  He told the reporters that the wheel has been interfered with, but later he took it back saying he made a “terrible, terrible mistake,” suggesting foul play.

InfoWars published the Daily Mail’s “assassination” article, but not Farage’s latter comment.



One of InfoWars finest propaganda pieces was Jones’ infiltration of Bohemian Grove.  That’s not to make the suggestion that he did not somehow find his way into the annual event in the redwoods of California (he basically just walked in), but the commentary of what happened is completely unsupported by the footage that is dull.  In fact, this video conveniently cuts out most of the time that he and cameraman Mike Hanson are really inside, giving Jones much freedom to tell us what he saw in post-production.  There are no visuals of any wealthy or powerful people period end of story.


The film Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove is just Alex’s version of a hoax for his audience.  He goes around the community of locals putting words in their mouths and then snaps a few clips of trees, with the claim there is hidden cameras in them.  He said the sheriff and spies came and questioned him many time before he got out, but he of course has no film of that.


However it is not a rabid satanic ritual, it was more like a bunch of people watching a play while taking 2 weeks to relax at summer camp. It’s the same thing that I experienced at church camp every summer growing up.  A video could have been taken of that and made into a movie about being teen abducted and taken into the woods for weeks of indoctrination of some scary cult.

This was all just another Alex Jones con, designed to make a movie and sell it to his listeners.  What really happens inside Bohemia Grove and why it is still somewhat left open to interpretation – mostly suggest that it’s really a rich man’s frat party.  Are they planning global policy?  Could be.  Do they worship the devil and actually sacrifice people?  Probably not. But with this film Jones has the art of the con down fairly well.



Do you know what Alex Jones thought when he met provocative, multiple divorced, woman beating, prostitute fiend and actor Charlie Sheen?

“This guy would be a great spokesperson for the 9/11 truth movement!”

Alex Jones does not care about his own credibility or that of the groups he endorses, only the number of people that will pay attention to his version of the truth.  So if stroking the ego of Charlie Sheen into filming a message that is dramatic – to the President, calling for a re-investigation of the 9-11 attacks, was just the perfect method of drumming up publicity.  Even if many people outside of the InfoWars bubble thought it was hilarious it did not matter.


Jones was seeing only dollar signs in Sheen’s public end and was one of the first outlets to give Sheen a platform during his 2011 manic episode.  This guy shouted so much nonsense and bitched out so many television big shots during the broadcast that he lost his lucrative work on Two and a Half Men, and decided ‘banging 7 gram rocks’ and 7 grand hookers was a more worthwhile career choice.

Alex interviewed Charlie and made numerous lies during his interview, such as Charlie was off the Charlie.  He also conned the people into believing that Sheen really cared about politics and the truth movement.  Actually Sheen was only interested in stimulating his own mind. But Alex Jones ended up gaining mainstream attention and was invited to numerous entertainment news segments including The View.


Alex Jones followers might want to ask themselves what has he actually done for the truth seeking community? He might have ‘woken up’ a lot of people, but all successful cult leaders are able to invoke such an experience. What you wake up to is the more important question. With Jones it’s all about his empire, which is built with disrupting walls. Everyone inside is told they are special and have the truth that the sheep are too brainwashed to understand, and everyone outside sees a fat clown with a bullhorn, acting like a complete lunatic.

Within the wider public it is generally accepted that conspiracy theorists are crazy. Jones is one of the most recognized conspiracy theorist in the world.  Is he crazy or a very good con artist who knows exactly what he is doing?

There is one more con that Jones has done – perhaps the worst one of all but that story will be on another day.



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