Posted by: maboulette | November 10, 2016

Did Conspiracy Theorists Work to Rig Trump’s Election?


Roger Stone is a long-time Trump ally and dirty trickster for the Republican Party who has been heading up the pro-Trump super PAC Committee to Restore America’s Greatness and the related 527 group Stop the Steal.  This is the man that was instrumental in the Bush Florida mess of 2001.  This is another election where the person with the most votes did not win the election.  Is it not strange that the 2 times in recent history that the electoral college out trumped the popular vote, the man was somehow involved?


Alex Jones is a radio host who spreads dangerous conspiracy theories, including that the government committed the 9/11 attacks and various school shootings around the country. He and Stone are cohorts in pushing Jones’ audience to Trump. Stone regularly appears on Jones’ program feeding him and his audience pro-Trump talking points. Jones and Stone also make frequent claims that Democrats will rig the election for Clinton. Could that statement just be said to hide what they might have been doing?  Food for thought!


Stone & Jones’ partnership was formed during the lead up to the Republican National Convention, when they organized a “Stop the Steal” rally that was going to take place in Cleveland during the convention. Stone’s Stop the Steal group organized the protest, which claimed that Republican “insiders plan to totally ignore the will of the voters and use legal trickery and bribery to try to steal.” After Trump clinched the nomination, the rally became a pro-Trump unity rally.


These two have gone on and committed other dirty tricks but there are no accurate facts on any ongoing rigging of election results against Hillary Clinton.  But – consider this – how could every pollster, every pundit, the entire Clinton team, as well as the Trump team all been caught off-guard?  How could everyone in this country been catch by surprise? The MSM pundits were all caught off -guard.  How could the Republican candidate who did not had the backing of his own party, who was denounced by every ex-president, and who the majority of the national security people in both parties not only denounced him but all signed letters saying that they would not take  positions in his administration – win the presidency of the United State? Just think about that – and there will be more from me on this subject in the future.



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