Posted by: maboulette | November 9, 2016

Problems that President Elect Trump Will Bring


President-elect Trump has pledged to take away health care coverage from 20 million people, with no actual plan to replace it. He has called for the largest tax cut in history for the top 2% which economist have also stated will add at least 1 trillion to our debt.  He has labelled climate change as a conspiracy theory by China and has no apparent policy for or interest in addressing it.   This is just for starters.


He has spoken about banning whole religious groups from gaining entry to our country and by force eliminating from our country other traditional groups. He is your normal Republican. He speaks of a policy of favoring native citizens as opposed to immigrants, and has brought in its wake a thread of anti-Semitism and racism that has tarnished this entire 16-month presidential campaign. Hate crimes have risen in number during this campaign.


At a minimum, he will now have control to submit justices to the Supreme Court, where there is one current vacancy and several more could open soon.  He will also have majorities in both Houses of Congress to perhaps support any policies that he wants.


What he will do with this power will be the truest test of America’s democratic experiment since civil rights legislation was passed and, perhaps, since the Civil War. The country is not more bitterly divided after this presidential campaign than at any point in recent memory. It seems hard to imagine one man putting all of this back together.  


Even many Republicans had rebuffed accepting even the chance of a President Trump, specifically those from the party’s wing of national security. Trump has articulated turning our backs on our NATO alliance, which is the main stay of international relations for the Western Hemisphere since the end of the Cold War and many of our Allies are extremely concerned. He has promised to not just bring back waterboarding ― a form of torture widely condemned ― but to go further beyond that in his anti-terrorism campaigns.


How Trump came to win the presidency will be debated for years, especially if the concerns play out as feared. Clinton had many flaws as a candidate make her a major suspect. She made her share of mistakes, but none more so, it now seems, than her failure to concentrate more on working-class white voters;  who abandoned her in mass, drawn it seems to Trump’s talk of restoring our country to a 1950s time when America was “great.”


She did have that special server in her home and that was her Achilles heel of her own doing.  That can be no one’s fault; very much her own.  As much as I respect and admire Hillary Clinton, she never gave me any reason for that personal server that made sense to me.  But in her defense, the investigation only found 3 classified documents and they were not marked correctly in the body of the emails but in the header.  It will be interesting to see what she will say if she writes a book on this campaign.


Blame will certainly be laid at the feet of FBI Director James Comey as well, for announcing that he was re-starting an investigation into Clinton’s emails with only days left in the campaign ― an investigation that in the end turned up nothing new but did major damage in stalled her momentum.  In my opinion, this was a clear violation of the Hatch Act and we all should make Congress and the Justice Department aware of this.  This was a policy known by all in the Justice Department and Comey refused to release any information on president elect Trump during this same period for this same stated policy.  There should be consequences.


Right now Obama is asking that we be Patriots and support these election results.  But there is some unfinished business that needs to be addressed specifically the hacking of emails and documents by actors from outside our country and then leaked to the public by WikiLeaks.  This needs to be stopped and consequences paid for the problems this illegal active has done to ruin lives and change the course of history.  In the 50s this would have been called treason and the people involved arrested and tried as such.

Forgive me if this article drips with anger, but I am angry right now and will be for quite some time.  But I still am proud to be an American and will eventually support President elect Trump.


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