Posted by: maboulette | November 7, 2016

Reasons Not To Vote for Republican Candidate Donald Trump

Written by Kurt Eichenwald


Donald Trump began his run for the White House saying that he would run the government like he has run his businesses.  Newsweek journalist Kurt Eichenwald has investigated and published several articles that show Donald Trump was not a good businessman.

This is what I ask of you if you have not voted yet – please read the listed 100 reasons not to vote for Trump before you make that vote.

There are so many problems with Trump’s sense of business – many of them that could harm the national security of our country.

Thank you for taking the time to consider how important your vote is.  Mary Ann Boulette

  1. Trump lied to Congress that he was not meeting with any Indian casino executives when documents and sworn statements show he was.
  2. Trump testified under oath that he is willing to claim success on something even when he knows his claim is false.
  3. Deutsche Bank concluded Trump net worth at $788 million when he was publicly claiming (and told bank) he was worth multiple billions.
  4. Trump said under oath that he determines his net worth based on how he feels.
  5. While Trump suggests he has an MBA from prestigious Wharton graduate school, only attended undergraduate program for 2 years. Has no MBA
  6. Trump’s first project, given to him by his dad, lost money, according to state records. Trump has publicly lied that it made money.
  7. Trump’s second project was a Broadway show. It bombed, closing after 96 performances. He lost his investment.
  8. Trump’s claim that his dad gave him only $1m is a lie. His trust fund was $1 mill. Dad gave $10.4m for a bogus consultant job, guaranteed $70 m loan, got him $35m credit line, laundered $3.35mill 2 Don in illegal casino deal, loaned $7.5m more (never repaid.)
  9. As Trump claimed great success, tax returns showed not. In ‘78 lost $1.5M. In ’79 lost $11.4m. No bankruptcy cause dad gave him more money.
  10. When Trump built Taj Mahal, testified under oath to NJ he’d only use bank loans, not junk bonds. No bank would lend so he used junk bonds.
  11. Trump’s 3 casinos all competed with each other, which is why no banks loans. Taj took business from his other 2 casinos, crippling all.
  12. Trump spent huge sums on airline, promising top elegance. People w/ airline experience said it couldn’t work. It never turned a profit.
  13. After Trump’s top casino execs died in accident, Trump took over running them. Large numbers of execs quit because of his management.
  14. When Trump was about to default on interest payment for casino, his dad/he broke law by having dad launder $3.35 mill through casino.
  15. Dad gave Trump another $150,000 loan next day, unreported to banks, in violation of bank agreement. (2/3)
  16. Rules breaking in financing (money laundering from dad etc) resulted in sanctions against him from NJ casino commission. (3/3)
  17. Trump banks were forced to make deal with him after bankruptcy of casinos because he personally guaranteed loans. If they went after personal guarantee, entire Trump empire would collapse and banks would lose billions. Banks loaned him tons more to save him. (2/2)
  18. Trump was $3.5 bill in debt. Later, when banks bailed him out, he claimed in books he was $9.5 bill in debt to make recovery look better.
  19. Trump admitted under oath that, when he claimed he was $9.5 bill in debt in his books, it was a lie and he knew it.
  20. No banks will lend to Trump except Deutsche Bank. In 2008, he defaulted on a $640 mill construction loan to them.
  21. List of Trump failures: TrumpMortgage, TrumpFinancial, Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts, TrumpShuttle, 
  22. Trump Vodka, Trump Steaks, Trump Taj, Trump Castle, Trump Plaza, Trump Dubai, Trump University, Trump Toronto, Trump Hollywood..(2/3)
  23. I could go on many more tweets listing Trump’s business failures. It’d be easier to list the Trump businesses that haven’t failed. (3/3)
  24. In Trump University, Trump claimed to “personally select” teachers who would teach real estate secrets. He did not, they did not.
  25. Unable to get bank loans because of his terrible record as a businessman, Trump began selling his name 4 use on other people’s projects.
  26. Trump marketed projects of other developers as his own. Only those who read dense legal agreement’s fine print learned it was a lie.
  27. Trump sold his name 2 incompetent developers whose projects collapsed, costing people who paid deposits millions while he made millions.
  28. When condo buyers sued Trump for falsely claiming projects of other developers were his, he said they should have read the fine print.
  29. Trump testified he did a favor to the condo buyers who lost millions by trusting him, because they avoided the real estate collapse.
  30. In 1990, one of Trump’s lieutenants told me ““The thing you don’t understand about Donald Trump is that he’s mentally ill.”
  31. I wrote about Trump for New York Times. First time we spoke, he lied to me in his first sentence. He told three more lies in 5 min call.
  32. Trump lied that to Washington Post in ’87 that he knew stock market crash was coming and sold all his stocks. SEC filings prove that was a lie.
  33. To escape liability for fraud, Trump argued that a “development by Donald Trump” is different than “a Donald Trump development.”
  34. Trump wrote “Bill Clinton was great president,” denied it under oath then said wrote it before knowing of Lewinsky scandal of 10 years before
  35. In 2008, Trump wrote, “I know Hillary, and I think she would make a great president.” Testified in 2016 he wrote it without thinking.
  36. Asked under oath identities of professors at Trump U (there were none) Trump said “I know names, but I don’t know the identities.”
  37. After saying under oath he knew the names of professors at Trump U (none existed) Trump could not name any.
  38. When sued for saying other developers buildings were his, Trump said truth wasn’t in ads because there wasn’t enough room for the words.
  39. Trump claimed to own 50% of a project when he owned 30%. His explanation under oath: “I always felt like I owned 50%.”
  40. Trump said he was paid $1m for speech when paid $400,000. Under oath, he agreed he was paid 400, but said $1mill was still correct.
  41. Trump has never released a real medical report. His father had Alzheimer’s, which is genetic and could hit at about Trump’s age.
  42. In 2007, Trump said his favorite book was his own, The Art of the Deal. Once he started running for president, he said it was the Bible.
  43. When asked to give his favorite words from the Bible, Trump cited an Old Testament phrase that was the only one repudiated by Jesus.
  44. When testifying under oath, Trump refused to answer questions 97 times about infidelities and suspected mistresses.
  45. Trump has called for US military to commit 3 different war crimes. When told military would refuse, he said they’d do what he commanded.
  46. Trump has directly insulted leaders of four allied countries, while offering effusive praise to Vladimir Putin.
  47. Trump has refused to release the letter sent by the IRS to prove he is under audit, despite dozens of requests from many reporters.
  48. An investigation of Trump’s partners reveals an enterprise with deep ties to global financiers, foreign politicians and even criminals.
  49. Trump’s business interests run in direct conflict with the national security interests of the United States.
  50. Trump revealed none of his partners or dealings with overseas entities in his financial disclosure to the FEC.
  51. Trump receives $8 million a year from South Korea business w/ interests in nukes. He has called for SK to have nukes.
  52. Trump’s efforts in India were first shot down by politicians. His business partner is now under investigation by police.
  53. Trump’s conflicts in India are irreparable, and in issues with Pakistan, his financial interests lie solely with India.
  54. Trump’s business partner in Turkey has been arrested for fraud.
  55. Turkey’s president has told associates he will not allow US to use an airbase key to the battle against ISIS if Trump is president.
  56. Trump’s first business partners in UAE were indicted on charges of fraud.
  57. When a member of Saudi royal family criticized Trump, Trump attacked him as “dopey” and said he wants to control America w/ “daddy’s $”
  58. Trump tried to strike a deal Libyan Investment Authority under Qaddafi, and offered murdering Libyan dictator a place 2 stay at his home.
  59. The father of Trump’s business partner in Azerbaijan is government official who US intelligence says launders money for the Iranian military.
  60. Trump’s statement he would avoid conflicts by placing his company in a blind trust is a lie; what he describes is not a blind trust.
  61. Trump told Republicans at debate that he never pushed Jeb Bush for casino deal in Florida. Under oath a few years earlier, he said he did.
  62. In 1999, Trump’s company secretly violated Cuban embargo. Months later, in 1st run for president, Trump said he never would.
  63. Trump officials were advised to hide the payments spent in violation of Cuban embargo as being related to charity work.
  64. Trump calls for return to American steel. Yet he secretly used Chinese steel on his last 2 developments projects two increase his profits
  65. Trump opted out of using steel on many buildings, instead purchasing concrete from businesses controlled by Genovese crime family.
  66. To hide the ultimate source of his Chinese steel, Trump purchased it through a shell company based in the British Virgin Islands.
  67. Money paid to the Chinese steel manufacturers went to repay loans from Chinese banks, which are arms of the state.
  68. Trump has said he has been forced to use China to manufacture his clothing line because no one makes such things in USA. That’s a lie.
  69. For Trump Chicago building, Trump obtained financing from George Soros. (Means nothing, but it terrifies conservative conspiracy theorists.)
  70. During his time buying Chinese steel, Chinese companies were dumping steel on US market. That cost many steelworkers their jobs.
  71. Trump hides his taxes, but we know: He lost money in ’78-’79, paid no taxes from 91-93, lost $1 Billion in ’95 and likely never paid taxes since.
  72. Trump read manufactured, bogus Russian propaganda at a rally within hours of it appearing on the internet.
  73. After promising to salvage precious artworks on a building for the Met, Trump had them jackhammered instead to save $32,000.
  74. To explain his destruction of art, Trump posed as spokesman “John Barron” and lied that appraisers had called the works worthless.
  75. If Trump had simply invested money he received from his dad in a mutual fund, he’d be worth far more than he is – a sign of bad business.
  76. Trump persuaded an elderly couple who ran an antique store to let “try out” 2 valuable pieces then refused to return or pay for them.
  77. Trump bought jewelry in Manhattan then colluded with the store to ship empty boxes out of state so he could dodge New York sales tax.
  78. Trump told a “friend” whom he sued over several years that he did so because the friend hadn’t given him enough praise.
  79. When business execs came to his office, Trump bragged about his wife, Melania & showed them nude photographs of her from modeling days.
  80. Trump reneged on a family-wide commitment to pay medical bills for his nephew’s severely sick baby because he was mad.
  81. Trump engaged in a civil conspiracy to defraud union pension funds by hiring undocumented Polish workers, a court found.
  82. When Trump wanted to force elderly out of apartments, shut off their heat/water and moved homeless into empty units…(1/2)
  83. …He decreased security for the building, and over 18 months, the number of burglaries of elderly in the building skyrocketed. (2/2)
  84. Trump destroyed the United States Football league because he tried to use them to get an NFL team. NFL wouldn’t have him.
  85. Trump threatened to sue a magazine when it reported – truthfully – that sales prices at Trump Tower were falling.
  86. During that suit threat, Trump claimed owner of magazine’s wife called him pleading to have a date with him. (1/2)
  87. …magazine owner’s wife said Trump’s story of her begging for a date was “the product of a juvenile mind.” (2/2)
  88. When a securities analyst correctly said Trump casinos on verge of financial trouble, Trump threatened his employer till they fired him.
  89. After Trump got securities analyst fired 4 having correctly predicted casino downfall, he attacked jobless man in multiple newspapers.
  90. Trump’s efforts to keep securities analyst unemployed for predicting casino collapse resulted in huge lawsuit Trump was forced to settle.
  91. Trump has repeatedly said in his rallies that he never settles suits. It is a lie. He has settled scores of them.
  92. CFO of Trump casino passed out from exhaustion and dehydration caused by overwork. In response, Trump fired him.
  93. Trump’s casino failures crippled his bond prices. When, years later, price went up a bit, he said proved people “love Donald Trump.”
  94. Trump’s only public company never made any money and wiped out investors. Through management deals, Trump sucked $80 mill out of company.
  95. When banks shut Trump out of loans because of his financial mismanagement, he started obtaining many from Cayman Islands.
  96. Trump’s companies destroyed or hid 1000s of emails and documents demanded in official proceedings in defiance of court orders.
  97. Trump’s use of deception & false affidavits, as well as the hiding or improper destruction of documents, dates back to at least 1973.




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