Posted by: maboulette | November 3, 2016

Trump: The Great Pretender



Today, Tiny Donald spewed lie after lie, written and put on the teleprompter for him by his children and handlers, just as predicted in the article below. Each lie is easily debunked, but the lies will travel the globe three times before the truth has a chance to begin. 

Use the “Defending Hillary” series on Daily News Bin to debunk some of these false claims made by Trump today. Good Luck and fight back.  -Thom

A couple of days ago, Paul Ryan eviscerated Trump for his racist, divisive, and dangerous positions, stating that this has no place in the Republican Party. He then immediately followed up by saying that he prefers Trump and his racism over Hillary. What a mess for the GOP. They put themselves in a tiny bubble of hate, and have no way out. Over the last month or so, we’ve heard many of the GOP leaders say “If he would only learn the issues and start acting more Presidential, we’ll support him more vigorously”. Seriously? The size this grand ole party has shrunk to is far smaller than I had anticipated.

Over the last two weeks, Trump has been undergoing a crash course in Foreign and Domestic affairs, something that no qualified candidate would ever need to do at any stage of a campaign. The next step in Donald’s trek toward the White House is to “Act Presidential”. To pretend he knows what he’s talking about, by learning the basics, and not sounding like a complete buffoon every time he opens his mouth. Over and over, I hear Republicans say the same thing. “If he would only stick to the script” or “if he would only learn to act presidential”, we would show more support for him. How incredibly naive is this. They would be willing to hand him the keys to the free world, complete with the nuclear codes and fate of the future of the United States in the hands of someone who has more than proven himself to be unqualified, a liar, racist, misogynist, fraudulent racketeer, fascist baboon. They will support him, but if he only passes his sixth grade geography and social studies test. Wow.

Apparently, in order to head the Republican Party and lead the free world these days, all you need to do is take that crash social studies course six months before the election and PRETEND that you are qualified. Just ACT presidential and you’ll be fine. The key word that everyone needs to latch on to here is “ACT”.

I’m a big fan of the TV series “West Wing”, which ran for seven seasons ending in 2006. President Bartlett was awesome, and Martin Sheen surely acted Presidential, but that only qualified him to win Emmy, not the White House. I personally feel Sheen would make a far better President than Trump, but even Sheen knows that it takes more than a crash course and good script written by your handlers to be President. It takes years and years of experience in order to be able to make the big calls with good judgement. Judgement and decisions that are based on decades of true-life stories. It takes the experience of having been in the trenches, learning from mistakes of the past in order to have a completely loaded set of tools to draw from when making crucial decisions, The Office of the Presidency does not allow for many mistakes or lack of clear judgement in the 21st century.

There is just too much going on for a half-witted narcissist and reality show star to handle. No matter how smart Trump pretends to be over the next six days, he still cannot be considered as qualified, and the divisive and dangerous words he has spoken over the last year will need to be repeated by us every single day, so that voters who are just now becoming engaged are not seduced by his acting skills, or his ability to memorize a few lines that sound good. He might sound knowledgeable in the debates, having memorized the script, which will surely please the Republican base, Republican leadership, and Fox News. They’ll be all over it with joyful high-fives.

Our world is at a crossroads. Which direction we go in this election will affect the long-term fate of not just the United States, but Humankind as well. Do we make headway saving our planet from the disastrous effects of climate change? Do we continue using war and death to force change around the globe, or do we try to use brains over brawn, and be a beacon of hope. Do nations around the world begin treating women with more respect; more than property?

Certainly a Hillary Presidency would inspire massive global changes for the better, whereas a Trump presidency would be a rallying cry for terrorist recruitment, and more of the same tragic horrors that we’ve seen for the last couple of decades. 

Don’t give the pretender a single inch. Keep the heat turned up, and let’s send Tiny Donald back to Manhattan to face his racketeering charges. I’m sure he’ll end up in the big house, but not exactly the big house he dreamed of. 

Edited by Mary Ann Boulette


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