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Open Letter to Center-Right Republican and Independent Voters


By Thom Palmer

It is very frustrating for us to constantly have to defend Hillary’s record and trustworthiness. By the same token, it must also be frustrating and confusing for you to feel like she’s so dishonest and lacking trustworthiness, yet so many millions of people love her and trust her completely. To those who know her, and have followed her career for the last three decades, she is extremely trustworthy, and quite possibly the most qualified candidate that has ever sought the office of the Presidency. We trust her 100%. Why is this?  

To Hillary supporters, this election is a no-brainer, but for you, voting for Hillary would/will be a major leap of faith. Should you end up voting for her, you’ll be voting for clean energy, protection from Wall Street wrecking the economy again, for middle class workers, women’s rights, for children, animal rights, common sense background checks for gun purchases, etc. You’ll be voting for a real world leader at a time in history when we really need a good one. We need an intelligent and well informed Commander-in-Chief. One that won’t shoot first and ask questions later. One who will choose negotiation over war; who the world trusts. One who will bring nations together to solve the problems of the world. One who understands the responsibility of having the nuclear codes. One who will elevate humanity and not pander to the darker side of human nature.  

“Hillary has brains, she has guts, she has thick skin and steady hands, and most of all, she has a good heart and that’s what America needs, and that’s why I’m with Her” -Elizabeth Warren

Since 1992, there has been a coordinated effort by conservative media along with Republican leaders in the House and Senate to paint Hillary Clinton as untrustworthy, corrupt, ruthless, and a host of other attacks. David Brock was known as the “right-wing hit man” in the mid and late 1990’s. His articles were designed to discredit Bill Clinton and de-legitimize his Presidency as well as destroy any future political advancement by Hillary Clinton. He later recanted his own articles, is now a Hillary Clinton supporter and an attack dog for progressives. He is also the founder of Media Matters. In his atonement, he admits that he was part of a right-wing conspiracy to smear and derail Bill’s presidency and Hillary Clinton’s future. In his book “Killing the Messenger,” Brock talks of the Republican conspiracy of what he describes as “a steady infiltration of mainstream by the right-wing factories of disinformation”.  See the links at the end of this article to find facts and answers to most of the Hillary scandals. 

You have heard for years, decades in fact, that Hillary is corrupt. From Whitewater to Benghazi to Emails, she has been painted by the conservative pundits as someone guilty of crimes, guaranteed to be indicted and sent to prison. I sometimes listen to right-wing radio, just to see what new attack they’re going to come up with. They define the email scandal like this; “Hillary broke the law, she’s under criminal investigation, and she’s going to prison”. The reality is that no law was broken, she is not under criminal investigation and after congressional inquiries and investigations, there is absolutely nothing there to suggest that she deleted any classified emails, or shared emails with anyone inappropriately. Her server was never hacked, and every single email sent from her server pertaining to State Department business was sent to a government server, and therefore stored on the (.gov) server. Her email address had per personal domain on the extension, and so everybody was aware, and no laws were broken. The practice of using her personal server had been used by every Secretary of State before her, including Colin Powell, Dick Cheney, Madeline Albright, etc. It is non-starter from the beginning, but claims of corruption continue to be sold by right-wing journalists as fact with a guarantee of prosecution. She’s as clean as a whistle here, but the attacks continue. 

Think about it logically. If she were guilty of anything, all she would have to do in order to make it go away would be to drop out of politics, make a lot of money doing speeches, and live happily ever after. Hillary has always fought for what is right, and has the experience, brains, and has a network of people that she trusts in order to get things done. Her Senate track record is stellar for the middle class, both men and women, children, environment, economy and global issues. 

We believe that humanity is at a major crossroads. Things can get very ugly over the next century if the wrong person is elected in 2016. There is just too much that needs a masterful touch to risk it on the reckless and thoughtless Trump. That’s too big of a gamble. Hillary’s ability to take the punches and not cower to bullies, her intelligence, her inspiration to women and girls world-wide, combined with the good work she has done as first lady, Senator, and Secretary of State show her passion and guts. She’s still standing strong because she knows she has the moral high ground. 

The work that her family has done world-wide with the Clinton Foundation is something that nobody else could or would do, and has benefited mankind greatly so far and there’s much left to be done. I encourage you to read the article on the Clinton Foundation. She has always stood up for children and her voting record is stellar. She stands up for the working class, supporting unions and collective bargaining, safe working conditions and equal pay for women. We really need to wean ourselves off of oil now. Her position on clean energy and creating perhaps a million or more good paying jobs through solar incentives added to the tens of thousands of jobs created by improving our crumbling infrastructure. There is no down side to having this woman run the show. We just know this to be true.  

Bigger government under Hillary: There is no evidence to suggest that Hillary would create a bigger government. Under Bill Clinton, government shrunk, and we ran a budget surplus for the first time in a long time. We were making progress cutting our national debt after Reagan and Bush1 tripled the debt with mass military build-up. After eight years under Clinton, we were running a budget surplus. Under G. W. Bush, reckless wars blasted the budget back into the stratosphere, followed by the 2008 crash, which exacerbated the problem with runaway unemployment reducing revenues further. Gas prices blasted all the way up to over $5 per gallon under G.W. Bush, costing Americans another few thousand dollars per year. The truth of the matter is that government spending always soars under a Republican President, and is reduced under a Democratic President. Look at the charts.  As we know, oil companies, weapons manufacturers, the pharmaceutical industry and the NRA have a huge influence on regulations (or lack thereof). 

Lack of regulations allowed banks to act irresponsibly in the early 2000’s, leading to the economic crash of 2008. Lack of regulations is the reason so many children were poisoned in Flint, Michigan. Lack of regulations is the reason the Orlando killer was able to obtain an assault weapon. Yes, it was about terrorism, but it was also about lack of common sense background checks and the ability of the FBI to track the movements of a known ISIS sympathizer. The gun lobby has far too much influence in our Congress. Regulations are absolutely necessary, for our own protection, and for the future of this planet.

So, in the absence of any proof that Hillary is crooked, in spite of the dozens of fake scandals thrown into our faces, we choose NOT to listen to them. We DO NOT question the honesty and integrity of Hillary Clinton, but we DO question honesty and integrity of those who throw fake scandal after fake scandal at the wall, hoping that wave after wave of negative reports will cause a perceived plausibility within the electorate. Their objective, while they know their claims are lies, is to cause enough question in your mind that you would never vote for someone who might be that corrupt. It’s not easy defending these things, since we’re fighting three decades of accumulated misinformation.  

Here are some links which answer many of the fake scandals that give you pause. I’m sure that once you know the facts, you’ll be ready to take that leap of faith, which you will be very proud of as you took part in changing the world for the better at such a critical time in human history. You don’t have to love her voice, but you’re going to love what she does, because she’s in it for YOU not as just an empty campaign promise, but with a strong history and record of working for us all.   

Help us make the much needed improvements in Washington, the Nation, and around the world. Take a leap of faith. You’ll be glad you did. 

Good changes are coming, hopefully. Be a part of history and let’s see what the first woman President in history can do. The time is right, and so is this woman. 

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