Posted by: maboulette | November 3, 2016

Is Sexism Involved In This Election? Hillary Can Overcome This


I have to make a confession. Until recently, I wasn’t really buying into the sexism thing against Hillary too much. I guess it’s because the fact that she’s a woman means little to me. I see her as an extremely competent person, in fact the most experience person EVER to run for President. The fact that she’s a woman has little bearing on my feelings, but I do see the historical implications of breaking the glass ceiling for women and girls all around the world. Given two candidates with equal experience and talent, I would choose the woman, primarily because it changes the future and allows all women to never question whether or not something is possible due to their gender. It’s not playing the woman card. It’s just “first in the nation’s history” thing that’s long overdue.

Recent action by mainstream news media 
leaves my mind with no alternative but to accept the fact that some of these guys simply treat women like shit, even in the absence of any logical reason to disrespect her. Meanwhile, Trump is allowed to tell 173 lies in 25 minutes (per Politifact), and get away with the moderator allowing most of his lies to stand. Combining this with the daily beating she takes on a closed case of the use of her personal server, where NO classified or confidential material was breached, leads me to the conclusion that we have many cases of misogyny and sexism in mainstream media at work doing their best to keep a woman from holding the highest office in the world.

To the point; I never expected that in 2016, the abuse of a man (Obama) or woman (Clinton) could or would be normalized, spread by mainstream news media, an entire political party, a Presidential nominee, and somewhere between 14 and 30 million Republicans voters. The extreme abuse has gone unchecked by the overall population for the better of three decades now, and has become an “accepted” means of treating this accomplished woman; First Lady, U.S. Senator, and U.S. Secretary of State. She comes with pages upon pages of accomplishments all of which make the world a better place to live.

With Obama, it seems to primarily be racism within the Republican Party, but when it comes to Hillary, the sexism flows out into mainstream media. She is treated VERY differently than any man in history has ever been treated while running for President. This needs to be called out.  The abuse needs to stop!
What do I mean by abuse? Abuse means to me extreme and constant efforts to de-legitimize you and destroy your legacy, without a valid reason. Purely political reasons do not qualify as valid. Daily lies and conspiracy theories, edited video clips, malicious disrespect, and bullying through name calling, etc. Infiltrating an electorate with false information in order to destroy a reputation, and send the natural direction of our nation into a different direction. Polluting minds with misinformation is nothing short of abuse. It is not just abusive to Hillary, although I do find myself wanting to jump in and throw some of these GOP pundits over the fence. It is also abusive to the American people. A hatred pumped into an electorate through false information is also nothing short of abuse to that electorate, and the brainwashing is a vicious violation of our trust, and the minds of those who can now do nothing but hate. 

Trumps “tongue-in-cheek” call to a violent end to Hillary has upset me more than anything in this campaign so far, and even after stepping away from writing and news for a few days, I’m still reeling. I am angry. It’s not about what he meant, but what the extremist faction of his supporters heard.

Those of us that are boomers remember well. November 22nd, 1963, April 4th,1968, June 6th,1968. None of us need to look up those dates. We remember where we were and how we heard, and will never forget the feeling of horror. We also know how the future (now past) changed with 54,000 Americans and up to 2 million Vietnamese killed, riots and Nixon coming. “Four Dead in Ohio”, etc. 
I worry about Barack Obama, hoping that the Republican denial of the legitimacy of his Presidency, and the continued daily demonizing doesn’t cause a nut to finally crack. A call to action in the form of a dog whistle, that we elected a secret Muslim born in Kenya hell bent to destroy America and take away your guns. Confederate rebels holding their rifles up threatening the illegitimate black President, ignorant old rock stars (Nugent) calling for his death, even vowing to carry it out personally, etc. This has worried me for eight years running. Now I get to worry about Hillary for another eight. I am really angry, and it hasn’t faded over the last week since Trump recklessly spewed those words. Enough is enough.  

The mere fact Hillary Clinton is bigger than they are, can take a punch and get back up again doesn’t mean that it’s okay to continue throwing blows. The beating continues on a daily basis, and will not stop until….

A) She bleeds out and quits, giving up (Something that will never happen).

B) Someone heeds the Trump/GOP call for a violent end. (God Bless the Secret Service. Please don’t mess up.)

C) We step in, take control and defend the woman as a unified force, and send the biggest message ever sent to a political party and the world.

We need to talk about option “C”, since Hillary is too strong for “A” and we have no control over “B”. 

Every fake scandal… every lie told to the electorate by Republicans is proven to have an adverse effect on Hillary Clinton’s approval numbers. Each and every lie is debunked, and somehow, the repetitions of the lies continue. Therefore, the potential of a lie, even when proven false, continues to rattle around in the consciousness of the electorate as a plausibility. When I hear a pundit say “With all her baggage, she shouldn’t be President either”, I visualize throwing them over that fence that I mentioned earlier.

We allow our nation to be led by these liars, misogynists, fascists and racists. We allow this Republican Party to sacrifice our young men and women in wars designed strictly for oil and weapons profits. We allow the destruction of this planet. By Democrats failing to vote at mid-terms, we allow the GOP to enjoy a 66% chance of controlling the House of Representatives and Senate.

November 8, 2016 (All of the House of Representatives, plus 1/3 of the Senate go up for re-election)
November 6, 2018 (All of the House of Representatives, plus 1/3 of the Senate go up for re-election)

Watch for your local election dates between General Election dates. That’s when most of your State Legislators are selected.



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