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All You Need To Know About the Clinton Foundation


Today 11/3 the talking point for the GOP is that Hillary could be impeached for “pay to play” problems while Sec of State and the Clinton Foundation – this is simply not true.  Here is a detailed article about the Clinton Foundation and what they do.  Use this to fight back.

The Clinton family has never been afraid to take chances, and has always been involved in things which improve the lives of others.  Even in the face of legal and personal abuse from politically motivated attackers and bullies, they forge ahead.

Never give up

No matter how hard they get hit, they get right back up again. They are not new to allegations and misinformation that seems to constantly pour into the electorate from those that would prefer to harm millions of people rather than give the Clinton’s the credit they deserve.


A couple of weeks ago, Hillary challenged Republicans with the following question. “What is it about the 1990’s that troubles you the most? Was it the PEACE or the PROSPERITY?”  It is a simple question that they have no answer to. The same question can be asked with regard to their issues with the Clinton Foundation. “What is it that troubles you the most about helping people in third-world countries and impoverished cities in the United States deal with disease, climate change and poverty? What is it about advancing civilization toward a sustainable future that you hate? What is it about a family that has chosen to dedicate themselves to public service, as a reality and not as an empty campaign promise that you find so threatening?” They still don’t have a coherent answer, but if they could shut down the Clinton Foundation for political gain, harming many millions of people world-wide, and stalling corrective action to climate change, they would. “Haters gotta hate, hate, hate, hate” -Elizabeth Warren

The Clinton Foundation is an aggressive program to tackle some of the world’s most pressing issues. These are issues that Americans are generally disconnected from. We feel bad, but have done little about it year after year, decade after decade. For many, the train of thought is “It’s not my problem”.

After Presidency

Following his Presidency, Bill Clinton started up the Clinton Foundation. I can’t go into full detail on all of the different arms in the Clinton Foundation, but this article gives you a pretty good idea of the incredible humanitarian and environmental work that they do each and every day. By the time you’re finished reading this entire article, your respect for Bill and Hillary might reach new heights.

 Diligent work

They work diligently toward the betterment of humanity, even in the face of constant scrutiny and lies. To be the subject of thirty years of abuse by a political party hell bent on destroying you, your spouse, and your family for political gain, yet still have it in your heart to fight on. It is truly inspirational. Below you’ll find highlights, along with some links which support this article for those who wish to look into it further.

Arms Deal

As far as donations from Saudi Arabia or any other foreign government, you’ll notice below that a huge part of the Clinton Global Initiative is about bringing governments on board to help in the human rights issues, as well as the environmental issues. The work that is done requires donations. Below you’ll find a full list of donors, separated by donation amounts. Hillary Clinton stepped out of CGI while serving as Secretary of State. There is no evidence of any favors given to foreign donors, and from what I can see their donation amounts aren’t even in the higher categories. All I could find in my search is false allegations of possible corruption, with nothing to back it up. By the way, both Bill and Hillary will be stepping away from Clinton Global Initiative once she is elected President. Chelsea will run the Foundation along with Board Members.


The misinformation or fake scandal claims that, while in the State Department, nations that donated to the Clinton Global Initiative received arms in trade for their donation. The attack breaks down, very simply, in the fact that the State Department does not have the right or ability to unilaterally award arms deals. All arms deals are governed by the Foreign Military Sales Act and the Arms Exports Control Act, implemented by Executive Order 11958. It delegates authority to the Secretary of State AND Secretary of Defense, and requires consultation with the Secretary of the Treasury, the U.S. International Development Cooperation Agency, Director of Arms Control, Disarmament Agency, and even requires Congressional Review in order to make an arms deal. Um…Are they trying to say that our Republican Congress conspired with Hillary to make arms deals as a reward for donations to her husband’s charity? The donor list below is huge and Saudi Arabian donors way down the list.

$2 million given to a friend

On another fake scandal pertaining to the Clinton Foundation is that the Foundation granted two million dollars to Energy Pioneer Solutions, in order to retrofit a community as part of one of their models on energy efficiency. A friend of theirs owns part of Energy Pioneer Solutions however there is nothing wrong and nothing illegal about this. The work was done, and there is no scandal here either. Read the descriptions of the initiatives below, and you’ll see that many millions of dollars are spent on these models, designed to prove to the world that we can do better, and gives us the world a game plan for accomplishing these improvements.

Republican hit man

I’ll just keep saying it. 1990’s Republican hit man David Brock admitted that all these lies were, and are, a “right-wing factory of misinformation designed to destroy Bill Clinton’s Presidency and Hillary’s future political career”. When so many of these really are, proven faked you simply have a responsibility to ignore the flood of new fake scandals. They are all generated from the same factory of misinformation. The scandal and the conspiracy is the misinformation itself, generated by Republicans, not the Clinton family. Note: David Brock is now a Hillary Clinton supporter and fights the lies.


Founded in 2001, the Clinton Foundation has grown into a very productive group of organizations, which works toward the improvement of 89% of all money donated to the various entities is spent on improving:

  • Health;
  • Living conditions;
  • Education;
  • Environment of millions of people world-wide.

Over $30,000,000 per year is spent on over 2000 employees world-wide making them actual job creators.

Clinton family

The Clinton family, Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea do not take a salary. Everything they do is for charity with no financial upside for them. They don’t need the money. All money from speeches and appearances that they do on behalf of the Foundation is donated back into the charity. There is absolutely no evidence to the contrary. While serving as Secretary of State, Hillary backed out of her role in the Clinton Foundation.

The Clinton Foundation (The Mother Ship)

One of the greatest things about being an ex-President is that you have an opportunity to do great things outside of the White House that you are unable to do while serving in the White House. Jimmy Carter has Habitat for Humanity, helping needy families build affordable homes for their families. The Reagan Research Institute works on Alzheimer’s research. The most extensive charitable organization by any President in history is the Clinton Foundation. So much good is done here that adding the Foundation to the right-wing witch hunt against Hillary Clinton is downright evil. Here we go…

The Clinton Foundation expanded rapidly, and these associated charitable entities were formed for various specific needs. They are…

Clinton Global Initiative (CGI)

Helps businesses and global leaders organized their solutions to the world’s most pressing problems; such as climate change, environmental problems, poverty, etc. CGI does not give grants to anybody. What it does is bring together world leaders and large corporations to crunch their heads and find solutions. Grants are given to specific charities and companies through the other Initiatives. CGI has brought together 150 world leaders, 20 Nobel Prize laureates, hundreds of CEO’s and heads of NGO’s as well as media. These members have made over 2300 commitments which have improved the lives of over 400 million people in over 180 nations.

Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI)

CHAI has brought aid to those living with HIV/AIDS with brokering deals with the drug industry and medical equipment suppliers. In Africa, over 750,000 people struggling with HIV are helped through reduced prices on drugs and equipment negotiated by CHAI. The organization has 22 governments who have signed agreements and are now finally able to help their people as the AIDS epidemic in Africa has not slowed. These deals are negotiated with drug companies and manufacturers by Bill and Chelsea Clinton.

Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI)

CCI was formed in order to combat greenhouse gas emissions. The Clinton Climate Initiative develops smaller scale projects that can be tailored to local conditions while also serving as innovative models for tackling global climate change. This community approach (smaller scale) helps provide real-world demonstrations of how we can cut emissions while compressing the time frame for delivering real progress. They work with low-lying Island nations, helping them free themselves from dependency on oil for power. Through their building retrofit and HEAL program, CCI reduces over 33,000 tons of carbon from entering Earth’s atmosphere each year, slowing climate change. CCI serves as a beacon for the world to see and emulate. It’s amazing.

Clinton Development Initiative (CDI)

CDI was formed in 2006 as a partnership with philanthropist Sir Tom Hunter of Scotland which targets the root causes of poverty in Africa. It promotes economic growth in Rwanda and Malawi, but also serves as a model for other third-world countries This initiative will spend over $100 million over ten years to improve food, clean water and sanitation, which in turn cuts down on illness and death from starvation and contaminated food and water.  

Alliance for a Healthier Generation

This is a partnership between the Clinton Foundation and the American Heart Association. The goal is to mitigate childhood obesity in the United States. The Healthy Schools Program, the Empower Me Movement are designed to improve the health of our children through nutritional education and online “hands-on” assistance for educators and students. Exercise programs are worked out. The Alliance does not accept money from food and beverage companies, as it negotiates deals with food providers to provide lower cost healthy foods. The program targets over 8000 schools in states with the highest childhood obesity rates.

Clinton Economic Opportunity Initiative (CEOI)

Beginning with the Harlem Small Business Initiative in 2002, the CEOI provides pro bono consulting services. The initiative provides money management education to individuals and families and small businesses. The focus was to promote financial stability. It also initiated the Entrepreneur Mentoring Program, which pairs inner city entrepreneurs with successful business mentors. This is sort of a Big Brother Program for the less fortunate. It also released a Harlem Guide, which highlights hundreds of local businesses in order to expose them to a larger audience, and also to attract additional economic development into the community.

Clinton Health Matters Initiative (CHMI)

This initiative builds on the fight against childhood obesity and global health work of other initiatives. It activates individuals, communities, and organizations to make contributions the health of others. It implements systems and strategies with the goals of reducing the prevalence of diseases, reduces health care costs associated with preventable diseases, and provides a platform to provide scalable results through the ability to contrast positive results of the program with other communities. It works to close the gaps in health disparities between underprivileged area and more privileged communities. It’s a proving ground of sorts.

Clinton Guistra Sustainable Growth Initiative (CGSGI)

This initiative works with local communities, private sector businesses, governments, other organizations to develop models which will spur social and economic development in third-world countries. It is focuses on market-driven development that creates jobs and increases incomes, as well as improving health and education. It focuses on Latin America and then expands to African nations, and beyond. It works to deliver healthcare and job training to people in rural areas.

No Ceilings Project

This is a partnership between Clinton Foundation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It gathers and studies data on the progress of women and girls around the world. This is an amazing program that demonstrates improvements in the lives of women and girls, and the positive effects on the economy of those nations that participated in the United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing Conference of 1995. At the conference, 189 nations declared in one voice that “Women’s Rights are Human Rights”. A full report was written, and I highly recommend everyone read it. See link below.

Disaster Relief

After Hurricane Katrina, George W. Bush asked Bill Clinton to raise funds to help rebuild the Gulf Coast. Along with George H.W. Bush, they established the Bush/Clinton Katrina Fund designed to identify unmet needs in the region, and to foster economic opportunity and to improve the lives of those affected by the storm. To date, $158 million has been raised. The Foundation also became involved following the 2010 Haiti earthquake.

Don’t let the Republicans make something bad out of this important Foundation and its works. 

Sources: Mother Jones • #1 #2 • Clinton Foundation • Energy Pioneer Solutions • No Ceilings • Breaking To Think 








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