Posted by: maboulette | November 2, 2016

Hillary Clinton Every Lie Still Being Told About Her Email


Back in May, I wrote about the Hillary Clinton email server controversy. Some things have changed since then, but the basic premise for the GOP witch hunt has been confirmed. The FBI and DOJ are officially finished with the matter, and yet the Republican Party and its surrogates are trying to pretend the issue is still somehow ongoing. Here’s what has been confirmed by Republican FBI Director James Comey, as much as it pained him, admitted the following:

  • Out of over 30,000 emails reviewed, only three had any marking stating that they were “Confidential”
  • Of the three found marked “Confidential”, all three were marked in error, and should not have been marked “Confidential”
  • Of the three found marked “Confidential”, none were appropriately marked, and the (c) was misplaced far down into the email body, against regulation.
  • There is no evidence that any of Hillary’s emails, incoming or outgoing, were hacked. Comey initially made it sound like this happened, but no evidence exists that proves that. He put to rest the conspiracy Guccifer hacked into Hillary’s server, stating that this is false, and that Guccifer himself has admitted the hoax.
  • None of the remaining emails, at the time they were sent or received, were marked “Confidential” or “Classified” or “Top Secret.” None.
  • As Hillary stated in the House Benghazi hearings, she did not receive or send any emails marked “Confidential” or “Classified” or “Secret” except the three marked incorrectly. She told the truth.
  • While the use of a private server was considered “carelessness,” it was not considered “gross negligence.” The actual term the FBI used was “careless,” which Comey admitted is a far cry from gross negligence.
  • After the fact, some emails that had not been marked “classified” were retroactively marked classified by FBI. At the time Hillary sent or received these emails, they were not marked classified. She told the truth.
  • Despite phony claims, the State Department is not reinvestigating Hillary’s email.

The bottom line, as much as Republicans want to tell a different reality, is that Hillary did not lie to the Benghazi committee about her emails. Everything she was aware of, she shared voluntarily. Republicans will continue investigating and wasting their time. The right-wing factory of misinformation will continue, at least through November, and will not cease unless we knock the crap out of Republicans in the House and Senate.

Don’t let Republicans make this the narrative. Every time you see one of them go on CNN or MSNBC to spew their garbage, change the channel. They can track ratings directly from the cable and satellite companies now, so drop their ratings until they stop letting these idiots have a voice. Unfortunately there’s nothing we can do about Fox News, but just kill the feed when you hear it.

Update – well, there has been new information on the home server/email controversy – 11 days before the election.  Dir. of FBI Comey sent a letter to 8 Republican Committee Chairmen telling them that while investigating Anthony Weiner’s laptop (his estranged wife is Huma Abedin who is Clinton top assistant) for another investigation not connected to emails/server 640,000 emails connected to the Clinton investigation were found.  Dir. Comey gave no other details and of course this was leaked to the internet immediately by one of the 8 who received it.  It is unknown if these were copies, new emails that will all have to be reviewed or even if all these emails had anything to do with Clinton at all.

Needless to say the entire political world went nuts.  What looked like a landslide for Hillary now has polls going all over the place.

I have picked together enough information to have my opinion. Abedin cell phone back upped to that shared computer at night and any documents that she forwarded to print out at home and were saved on that cell phone got backed up – so it could be copies upon copies of all the same documents already been reviewed by the FBI.  This means I have no idea and no one else does either.

Clinton seems very sure about this and told the FBI to release this information as quickly as possible.  I would think that if she was worried about what they were she would not have made that very strong request.

Written by Thom Palmer and Mary Ann Boulette




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