Posted by: maboulette | October 31, 2016

New Poll: No One Cares about Hillary Clinton’s Emails


Even as the nation waits to find out what kind of impact (if any) will be had on the election by James Comey’s email scandal, it’s been difficult to imagine how anyone would change their vote as a result of it. Comey’s attempt at falsely painting the unrelated investigation as being about Hillary Clinton has been quickly exposed as a criminal stunt on his part, and minds would seem to have been made up about the email thing one way or another months ago. Now we finally have some new data that more or less confirms as much.

One poll should never be taken as definitive on its own; the polling averages are nearly always proven right in the end, while individual polls fluctuate without a good reason. But we do have one new tracking poll which was conducted after the latest email dustup, which specifically asked likely voters what they think of it. 63% of respondents said they don’t care about it. The other 37% consider it to be an issue. It’s probably not a coincidence that in the four way polling averages, Donald Trump is currently polling at around 37%.

In other words, the people who view the new email thing as a big deal are essentially the same people who were already planning to vote for her. Again, this is just one poll – and tracking polls in particular tend to shift from one day to the next in a manner which can’t possibly correlate with actual shifts in voting intention. But if the specific question about email in this one tracking poll ends up proving consistent across upcoming polling, then it will point to Hillary Clinton not having lost a single vote over it. In other words, no one cares about the new email thing except those who were already against her.






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