Posted by: maboulette | October 29, 2016

This Is What Is Meant By October Surprise


This is why one never should get too secure in thinking they have won an election.  With all the polls showing Hillary Clinton a clear leader in the November 9th presidential election, the news of finding new emails brought a halt to the excitement developing in Clinton’s staff as well as supporters.

FBI Director Comey sent a letter to 8 congressional heads of various committees on Friday advising them that while investigating another case; more emails were found regarding Sec of State Clinton’s email addresses and/or private server and they would have to be investigated in order to see if any were classified as “secret”. This unrelated investigation being the one currently ongoing concerning Anthony Weiner who has been accused of sexting to an underage girl.  Weiner is the estranged husband of a top Clinton aide Huma Abedin.  This aide’s jointly used electronic devices were impounded by the FBI while investigating the Weiner case.

Officials with the FBI state that there are thousands of these emails which would lead one to believe that these are copies of emails already investigated. It would also make one consider the fact that this many emails – Abedin probably knows exactly what they are.  It seems that Director Comey has not seen any of these emails but is just informing Congressional leaders of the finding of these emails.

Normally it is the Justice Department’s policy not to release this type of information to anyone this close to an election.  With the presidential election only 11 days away it seems that this policy was overlooked.  Comey’s letter to 8 committee heads was leaked quickly to the public.

Anyone looking at this situation would come to some conclusions such as Comey doing this as an October surprise to derail the Clinton train on its way to winning the White House.  Comey is reportedly a registered Republican but he also is reported to be a very “moral” person.  Having already been accused of not conducting the Clinton email and private server investigation correctly this leads one to another conclusion that in a rush to cover his “ass” he neglected to consider the consequences this letter would cause.  In doing this, he handed 8 Republicans the information to stop Clinton’s path to the Oval Office.  Whether this was done on purpose or without thinking – it is clear that Clinton’s march to the Presidency just became that much harder.

Comey states in the letter that he has not seen nor does he know anything about these emails. This is in my opinion the stupidest statement ever made by a public figure in the history of stupid statements.  Both Democrats and Republicans are outraged with this matter, as well they should be.

Because there are so many emails, reading them all cannot be done by Election Day (good thinking Sherlock).  If you put all these facts together, it shows how irresponsible or just plain stupid Comey is. 

He sends a letter to Republicans 11 days before the election of the next president with polls showing a Democrat in the lead.  This letter states that emails related to the Clinton investigation (Democrat in the lead) have been found but he has not seen them.  He also doesn’t know who they were written by nor who they were sent to but he just wants these Republicans to know what has happened.  How fast did one of these Republicans get this information to the press?  It was probably only a matter of minutes.

Personally I believe this FBI Director is too stupid to be kept in this office and that someone else with a brain the works needs to be appointed.

As for the election – after 18 to 24 months of this election season I could care less who wins.  It is clear to me that both of these candidates have fatal flaws.  Trump is nothing but a failed business man and Hillary Clinton is not very smart if she put a private server in the basement of her home and still has not told the voters why she did it.  This server is the only thing keeping her from becoming president in the largest landslide ever – she could have won every state!

My advice to Trump – don’t be counting your chickens before they hatch as there are still the same amount of people who believe you are unfit to serve as the president as there were before the letter to Congress.  Plus there are still women out there who have stories to tell about you.

My advice to Sec. Clinton – once and for all tell the American voters why you had a private email server in the basement of your home.  If you could come up with a statement that is logical and doesn’t look like a lie, you could probably still win this election.  Don’t apologize because you have already done that – just tell us why!

You still have my vote – only because I have already voted; which has taught me a lesson – do not vote until Election Day as you never know what news might develop.


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