Posted by: maboulette | October 29, 2016

Patriotic Trumpster Leaves Abhorrent Note on Woman’s Windshield


When a Nebraska woman left in the early morning to go shopping with her six-month-old baby, she didn’t know that she would be bringing home more than just a bag of groceries.   

After Shelby Lanning, a mother of two, dropped her oldest kiddo off at school, she went to pick up a few things from her local store. After she finished shopping, she returned to her vehicle to find a very unpleasant note left on her windshield by a Trump supporter:




Your Friend,




I spoke with Lanning about the incident, and here’s what she had to say:

“At first I was confused, then kind of laughed it off for a second, that someone would actually do that. And then I got really concerned because what if I had approached my vehicle with my son while this guy was there? Would it have still just been a note, or could it have been worse? What if he attacked me?”

It’s difficult to ascertain what triggered Wade to write such abhorrent words, but Lanning reasoned that the “In God We Trust” remark was probably evoked by her bumper sticker which reads, “In Science We Trust.” She also reasoned that Wade probably assumed she was a “muslum” because she was wearing a hoodie, which she wore to keep her six-month-old baby warm from the cold weather.

“He made a false assumption about me and took it upon himself to hatefully act on it” Lanning said.  

Mike Pence held a rally early that morning in Omaha, Nebraska; the city where Lanning lives. 





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