Posted by: maboulette | October 29, 2016

Did Comey Write Letter To Smear Hillary Clinton To Help Trump & the GOP?


FBI Director James Comey just followed up his first memo to Congress with a “cover your ass” memo to his staff in The Washington Post. The impact within the FBI has been swift after the first memo. Newsweek is reporting that the Republican FBI Director’s inappropriate letter to Congress put him in a very danger of a “mutiny at the FBI,” whose proper role is protecting America from domestic terror threats and investigating serious crimes – not influencing elections.

In the FBI Director’s second letter, he admitted that his agency doesn’t “ordinarily tell Congress about ongoing investigations,” and that he doesn’t know anything about, “the significance of this newly discovered collection of emails.” He also claimed that, “I don’t want to create a misleading impression,” and Comey then made a final admission that, “in the middle of an election season, there is a significant risk of being misunderstood.” Well, it’s too late now. And the race for President might turn on these letters that Comey has written.

It has also been reported that the Justice Department is not happy with Comey going against long held policies that nothing is released about subjects involved in upcoming elections – especially releasing information that could have a major effect on the presidential election only 10 days away.  

Newsweek’s report about this latest non-scandal points out firmly that the FBI Director’s letter literally points out emails that have nothing to do with the Democratic nominee.

It has also been reported that Comey has not even seen the new emails and has no idea who they were written or from.

This is just incompetence at the highest level of the FBI and Department of Justice and Comey needs to be replaced; although the damage to the presidential race may have already been done.

These events show precisely why the FBI does not ordinarily publicly release the results or targets of their investigations until charges are filed.

These letters have set off a chain of events sure to end with the termination of his tenure as head of the agency. A serious criminal complaint has already been levied against him by the Democratic Coalition Against Trump for engaging in partisan activity. 

Finally it should be pointed out The FBI had NO investigations after last Republican White House used private RNC email servers, and when asked to gets these emails for the Freedom of Information Act,  4 years of emails were deleted; over 22 million emails.




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