Posted by: maboulette | October 28, 2016

Was This Done to Stop Clinton’s Election as President?


Concerning new emails, I am appalled that this information was release 11 days before a presidential election.  And there was no real information on whether this was 3 emails or thousands of emails as it has been reported on twitter both way.  This can hand the election to the poorest excuse for a president who has ever run.

Who leaked Comey’s letter to the public?  This is an answer that also needs to be looked at.  Why are none of the investigations into Trump affairs talk about much less, written about to Congress? Because he is a private citizen well might I remind the FBI director that Hillary Clinton is also a private citizen.

This was all done in an attempt to stop the election of Clinton as president – there is no other explanation why this information was released 11 days before the election.  No other details with that letter- obviously something smells really bad here.

Voters need to be reminded that in the near future Trump has court days about attempted sex with a minor as well as court dates on Trump University as a scam.

I am angry and I hope even supporter of Hillary Clinton is angry also. We need to vote in record numbers to bring a clear message to the Justice department and the FBI Director how stupid this move was and how it could affect the direction of our country for years to come.  Clinton has been investigated for that private server for years – end it now.  Read the damn emails while the American voters elect her the first woman President of our great country.

Clinton is asking for full details – as a supporter of her’s I am asked that question also.



  1. How long must we endure this Wikileaks fraud.

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