Posted by: maboulette | October 27, 2016

Investigations, Investigations and Impeachment


If there was ever any doubt, Republicans are in no way going to change their tune after November 8, and that means continuing ugliness and scandal-mongering.

Remember all the attacks on Hillary Clinton that were whipped up to try to beat her in this election? These were charges that were endlessly investigated and they never found anything significant? Yeah, expect to hear a lot more about all of them as House Republicans use further “investigations” as a way to obstruct and distract from Hillary Clinton’s agenda and delegitimize her presidency. They’re already laying plans:

In the last few weeks alone, dozens of House Republicans have demanded that a special prosecutor investigate the Clinton Foundation for possible conflicts of interest. Sen. Ted Cruz has called for a “serious criminal investigation” into a Democratic operative featured in a sting video by conservative activist James O’Keefe. And Speaker Paul Ryan promised “aggressive oversight work in the House” of an alleged “quid pro quo” deal between the FBI and the State Department over reclassifying an email on Clinton’s private server. 

Shoot, some outside Republican groups are already talking impeachment, weeks before Election Day:

“I know this generation of Republican leaders is loath to exercise these tools, but impeachment is something that’s relevant,” said Fitton, who has criticized GOP lawmakers for failing to pre-emptively impeach Clinton. “They see [the oversight process] as an opportunity in some measure to keep their opponents off-kilter, but they don’t want to do the substantive and principled work to truly hold corrupt politicians, or the administration, or anyone accountable.” 

This is how it’ll go: Breitbart News or some far-right “think tank” will come up with an allegation. House Republicans will be concerned and outraged. The traditional media will cover that concern and outrage as if there’s substance to it, because you can’t just ignore what House members say, at least not if they’re Republicans. House Republicans will hold endless hearings, pointing to traditional media reports of their own concern and outrage as evidence that there’s a there there. Those hearings will in turn be covered, because again, Congress, and a large number of Americans—even ones who didn’t hate Clinton going into it all—will gain the impression of corruption even if there’s never any actual found. You don’t need a crystal ball to predict that the same thing that’s been going on for years will continue to go on if the same people are in power.

In fact, if Republicans control the House, having them jump straight to impeachment talk might almost be the best thing that could happen to Clinton—that kind of overreach pays dividends for Democrats, as ugly and degrading to our democracy as it is.



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