Posted by: maboulette | October 24, 2016

If You Are Looking For A Vet and Live In the Austin, TX Area – Read This

20160913_193133-2I rarely write a post for my blog to support a business but in this case the service was so good that I want everyone is Austin to know – especially those with pets.

There is a new vet in town and if you need a vet and don’t have one that you prefer, you should give this vet a try.  The name is Zippivet with a website at  Don’t laugh at the name.

My new kitten needed to get her final round of shots and my son is only available on Sunday’s to provide transportation.  So I got on the internet and found that if you want a vet on Sunday there just wasn’t one – until I found Zippivet.  Open 7 days a week and are also an emergency center.

So I filled out the information on their website and made an appointment for Sunday.  They followed up with me on Friday – never had a vet following up on an appointment.  So, good customer service.

My Little Girl has had a problem with one eye since we got her.  She had a scratch and it wasn’t getting any better so I also wanted her eye checked out.  Well, she did have about 1/3 of her eye covered with an ulcer so they cleaned out that part and gave us prescription drops, she got her final shots and a good check-up – the price for all of this didn’t break the bank.  Fair pricing.

On to the staff – they spent so much time with us – explaining about her eye and what they were going to do to be able to see what the problem was and answered all questions – and I was again impressed.

This morning they called to see how she was – sorry folks how many vets do that – again great customer service.  

So, if you have pets and don’t have a regular vet or if you have been looking for a new vet – I highly recommend Zippivet.  They are located at:

10721 Research Blvd Suite A110

Phone number – (512) 904-0218

And I think you will be greatly surprised at the customer service as well as the staff.  You won’t be sorry that you have made them your vet – I’m not.



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