Posted by: maboulette | October 18, 2016

Roger Stone Throwing Trump Under the Bus


Just days after a grievance was filed with the FBI asserting that Roger Stone was conspiring with hackers from Russia and WikiLeaks in order to disrupt the 2016 election it is beginning to look as if Stone is prepared to sell out Trump for his own advantage. This comes in Roger Stone’s own words posted to Twitter on Sunday evening, when he overtly admitted his current ‘non-disclosure agreement’ with the Trump campaign to be invalid.

Agreement never legal

“It turns out the entity with which I signed a non-disclosure agreement for the Trump campaign was never legally constituted,” Roger Stone tweeted Sunday, adding hashtag “#invalid.” The message was quiet clear: he’s threatening to leak everything on Trump, in spite of the fact that these two men have been friends for years.

RNC operative

Roger Stone is a political consultant, lobbyist and dirty-tricks operative concentrating on opposition research for the Republican National Committee.  Stone was the leader of the group that shut down the recount in Miami-Dade County which helped make George W. Bush president in 2000. He also was a campaign strategist for the presidential campaigns of Presidents Nixon, then Reagan and finally George Herbert Walker Bush. In fact some credit him with the “Willie Horton” ad that worked to help George Herbert Walker Bush win his first term.

Political adviser

Stone had been a political adviser to the Donald Trump campaign for a year before resigning in a disagreement over the direction Trump was taking his campaign. But according to many accounts, Trump has continued relying on Stone’s assistance from time to time in an informal way. But yesterday’s tweet was a clear “throwing down of the gauntlet”, and right out in public for everyone to see.

Stone isn’t saying

Roger Stone provided no precise context for why he’s suddenly making threats to reveal the secrets of the Trump campaign. The most apparent explanation would be the fact that the Democratic Coalition and the Hillary Clinton campaign asked the FBI this week to investigate why Stone had advance access to the illegally-obtained information from WikiLeaks and Russian hackers, suggesting that he’s been working with them on behalf of the Trump campaign (something Stone essentially admitted this week). And now he appears to be sending a clear signal to Trump that he’s willing to hang him out to dry in order to get the heat off himself.

Learned from the best

Stone worked and learned from the late Lee Atwater whom most political observers (even Republicans) rate as the dirtiest political strategist of the twentieth century. So there is no telling what dirty tricks Stone has been doing while working with Trump.  The two have various reasons to bring Hillary down.  Trump just wants to win while Stone is possible still carrying on where Atwater left off back in Arkansas – the hatred for the Clintons.




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