Posted by: maboulette | October 17, 2016

Lies Involved In New Hampshire Speech


The lies that Trump told during the New Hampshire speech on October 16th.

  1. Stated “The number of murders in our country is the highest it’s been in 45 years. They don’t tell you that.”  Truth: (The increase in murders between 2014 and 2015, 11%, was the highest in 45 year.  But the number of murders was even lower than it was 45 years ago even though there were 100 million more people.) 
  1. Stated “Remember when, in Massachusetts, I got almost 50% of the vote with 11 people? I got 49.7% of the vote.” Truth: (There were only 5 candidates remaining at the time of the Massachusetts primary.  Trump got 49.3% of the vote.) 
  1. Stated that of the hacked Clinton campaign emails: They show how the Clinton campaign got the questions for the debate and the answers for the debate prior to the debate. And we still beat her easily in that debate.” Truth: (The questions Clinton appears to have been provided with was for a town hall during the Democratic primary, not a debate against him. And even then this email is believed to be faked one). 
  1. Stated that the U.S. trade deficit is “massive and getting bigger”. Truth: (“Massive” is subjective but it is objectively false that the deficit is increasing.  As of early October, it was down $4.3 billion or 1.3% during the same period in 2015). 
  1. Stated of the Syrian refugees, “We have no idea who they are, where they came from.” Truth: (Refugees to the U.S are subjected to an extensive screening process before allowed in.) 
  1. Stated that New Hampshire “It shows we’re up 1 or 2 points here.” Truth: (It is not clear what “it” is as Clinton leads in every major New Hampshire poll and by 4 points on average.) 
  1. Stated that “By ‘open borders’ she means totally unlimited immigration flowing into our country. Truth: (Clinton supports limits on immigration). 
  1. Stated “Hillary’s plan includes an open border with the Middle East, meaning generations of radicalism within our shores.” Truth: (Clinton is not advocating unrestricted immigration or refugee intake from the Middle East.  Also we do not share a border with the Middle East). 
  1. Stated of his endorsements, “Both the Border Patrol agents and ICE have just done it. ICE did it last week.” Truth: (A union of Immigration and Customs Enforcement employees, not the government entity itself, endorsed him.  It did so 3 weeks ago, not last week).

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