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Part of Vast Right Wing Conspiracy


Now that Hillary Clinton is running for president – what started as the Arkansas Project is just continuing fueled by some people from the beginning and others who just recently hopped on-board.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton is smarter, more experienced, and better prepared than any person to ever run for President. She has a history of nearly 50 years of public service. According to many recent polls the public seem ready to elect Clinton, perceived flaws and all, while the media appears to be having a really hard time with that.

Here we go again

The Arkansas Project is the beginning of all the reasons people give for not trusting Hillary Clinton.  Most of these Hillary Hater were not alive or very young when all these conspiracy theories were around and investigated.  But they are still what people mention for not supporting Clinton for president.

  • Whitewater;
  • Troopergate;
  • Vince Foster;
  • List of alleged murders surrounding the Clintons.

All have been investigated time and time again – and neither Clinton has done anything illegal. But the press for unknown reasons just won’t let it rest.

Roger Stone

Roger Stone of dirty-tricks fame is the operative and lobbyist specializing in opposition research for the Republican National Committee

Stone worked and learned from the late Lee Atwater and is currently working with Trump a good friend of his.  This group seems to all have various reasons to bring Hillary down. Russian President Putin believes that Clinton interfered in his election in 2012.  Trump, well Trump just wants to win and has been friends with Stone for years.  Stone is just carrying on where Atwater left off back in Arkansas – the hatred for the Clintons.

Alex Jones

Also working with this group is Alex Jones who believes that Hillary Clinton wants to take all guns away and who also believes everything is conspiracy theory started by the government.  This has over the last 20 years made Jones a multi-millionaire as there seems to be many people who want to believe that our government is bad.


Now I am not saying that this group is working directly but their shared goal is to divert attention from Russian interferences in the U.S. presidential election and get Trump elected. Putin would much rather see Trump elected as president than Hillary Clinton.


Assange is also working to push an unbelievable conspiracy theory that rest on ruining the reputation of an innocent murder victim who worked for the DNC.  Assange will not say if this is the person who WikiLeaks got the DNC emails from but drop hints that he is.  Washington D.C. police maintain that it was only a robbery.

WikiLeaks to me is the worst of all of these various entities.  Assange brokers in stolen government documents.  Now there are some documents that any government needs to keep secret but not to WikiLeaks.  In my mind, this is treason and I hope someday Julian Assange ends up in a Federal Prison for the damage he has done in various areas of our government.  

Currently, WikiLeaks is leaking on a daily basis emails hacked from Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager’s computer. Not much bad about Clinton but some private emails are an embarrassment for the entire campaign.

Donald Trump

Now as if this is all that was happening, this would be enough.  But Donald Trump has gotten caught in a sex scandal of his own making. Last week a video/audio tape made through Access Hollywood open mic was released.  This was talk that Trump could sexual assault any woman he wants to just because he is a celebrity. He apologized before the 2nd debate but for many members of the GOP and many women felt that this is the way Trump acts around women.  Since then many women have come forward to say over the years, Donald Trump had been a serial sexual predator and has sexual abused many women.  Needless to say his campaign is imploding leaving little chance that he will be elected president of the United States.

Hillary’s Emails

While Hillary was at the State Department she used a personal email account for everything – business and personal and she also had a private server at home where all these emails or copies of emails could be stored.  There could be several reasons for this:

  • Help to reconstruct dates and time for writing her book;
  • Wanted to keep personal emails private;
  • Wanted to keep all of her emails private-business or personal.

It is a known fact that the servers at the State Department has had more than its share of hacking – some successful.  But with Sec. Clinton’s server there has been no proof of any hacking.

Private server

Many have said that keeping these emails was not a smart decision – but actually it might have been a very smart decision. Conspiracy theories include keeping information for use in her family’s charitable Foundation which has not been proven by any of a number of investigations including by the FBI.

What you would do?

Who among us wouldn’t have made the same decision after years of everyone investigating all of your business?  I don’t believe that she realized what problems this was going to cause her until it became time to turn over business emails to the State Department so they would be available under the Freedom of Information Act.  


Then it all became a big mess – causing her to be investigated by Congress and the FBI and leading to half of America believing that she is crooked – always have been and always will be.  But even all of this investigating has not proven she is guilty of anything except bad judgement in this one area. And all of the other items revealed over the last 20 years have found Hillary Clinton guilty of nothing.


If people hear a rumor long enough or read a book or see a movie about it, they will believe it especially when they don’t like a person.  If you dig long enough into Benghazi and Clinton’s server problems you’ll found out the same thing – she has done nothing – careless maybe, illegal no. And there is nothing to take her out of consideration for President of the United States.

Face the fires

Actually, having faced these fires has probably made her a stronger candidate and would make her a better president.  “The test of fire makes fine steel.”


Most if not all of these rumors – Whitewater, Vince Foster’s death, the list of murders, the lies or any of the other things that have been repeatedly investigation and found as not true with many of them all started back with the Arkansas Project – and it continues to this very day.

The FBI found no evidence that Sec Clinton broke any laws with her emails.  No classified documents were lost. Repeated independent inquires have not found any evidence that she committed any misconduct with Benghazi.  But because a lie can travel around the world while truth is still putting on its pants, many are certain that she is a lying traitor. The real truth is, you were lied to for political gain, and you’ve been played the fool every time you repeated these lies.

Thirty years

There is also a question that everyone who believes all of the rumors about Bill and Hillary Clinton should ask themselves.  If your life was investigated for the last 30 years, what would your past look like?  All of us have something we are hiding; an affair, cheating on taxes, careless errors on those papers used to cheat your way through college; everyone has something.  Or people can just make something up – because they want to make you look bad or simply because they don’t like you.   How do you fight that?  The first time someone blandly makes up something about you – how would you react?

Never give up

Hillary Clinton has never given up – she keeps fighting for those who are less fortunate among us.  And she has been investigated over and over again – found not guilty in all cases.

This has been the story of the attempt to ruin the political careers of Bill and Hillary Clinton.  Everything was thrown at this political couple and guess what – Bill and Hillary are still standing.  And Hillary Clinton will probably be the next president of the United States.


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