Posted by: maboulette | October 11, 2016

WikiLeaks Caught by Newsweek


Even as Hillary Clinton pulls further ahead in the 2016 Presidential race, those who dislike her have been holding their breath that hacker terrorist group WikiLeaks would make good on its promise to unearth dirt that would damage Clinton. After a month of hyping up the supposed documents, it finally released them to relatively little fanfare on Friday. And now we know why they were released in the Friday night garbage chute: many of them are phony, and the hackers were looking to avoid media scrutiny – but Newsweek has managed to prove their in authenticity anyway.

Internal emails

Even as Donald Trump fixated during the second debate about the supposed internal emails from Hillary Clinton’s friend Sidney Blumenthal showing him “admitting” that she had failed as Secretary of State, Newsweek reporter Kurt Eichenwald was in the process of figuring out that the key email in question didn’t really come from Blumenthal. How did Eichenwald figure it out? He realized that the email credited to Blumenthal was actually something that he himself had written.

In other words

It looks as if WikiLeaks took a journalist’s words that were critical of Hillary Clinton and faked them to make it appear that those words had come from within the Clinton camp itself. This represents absolutely proof that WikiLeaks is in fact leaking phony “Hillary Clinton emails” in an attempt to make her look bad. Or as Eichenwald puts it, “WikiLeaks is compromised.”  Read  Expose Here


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