Posted by: maboulette | October 7, 2016

Donald Trump: ‘Greatest Waste of Time’ if I Lose


Donald Trump said Wednesday that if he doesn’t win the presidential election, his campaign will have been “the greatest waste of time, money and energy in my lifetime.”

Speaking at a rally in Nevada, the Republican presidential nominee said he recently spoke with a “very liberal” pundit who told him his campaign had been historic regardless of the outcome, Politico reports.

“I said: ‘No, you don’t understand. I’d like to agree with you, but if I don’t win, this will be the greatest waste of time, money and energy in my lifetime, by a factor of 100,” Trump told the crowd.

Oh boo-hoo poor Donald! No, Donald it won’t be the biggest waste of time, money and energy for you – but it will be for the American people.  We have just had to sit through 2 years of you talking about what a wonderful and genius businessman you are – which is simply not the truth. 

We have also learned that you are the most aggregate man to have ever run for the Presidency of the United States.   You think of no one but yourself and actually have conned a good many American voters into believing that if they elect you, you can make their lives better. 

What a jerk you are!  You can’t give a speech without most of it being full of lies.  You have wasted our time because you haven’t a clue on how government runs. You wasted our time into believing that you were prepared for this office when that is the further thing from the truth.  And you wasted our time because many believed your dribble that you can make America great again.

Donald, America is already great – something that your small brain didn’t understand from the very start.  Your entire campaign is one of negativity – not one thing positive.  You have wasted our time, supporters money and the energy it takes for positives to overcome negatives.

Good day to you!


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