Posted by: maboulette | October 5, 2016

Caught Donating 800% Over The Legal Limit


Yet again Donald Trump has been caught illegally bribing another state Attorney General, this time by secretly funneling campaign donations through his many corporations in order to exceed the maximum amount allowable under the law by 800%. Trump made 9 different donations to the same politician in the same day, each of them representing the legal maximum in their own right, for the sake of hiding the illegal excesses.

This time the attempted bribing involved Charlie Crist, who was the Republican Attorney General of Florida in 2005 prior to going on to become Governor and then later quit the Republican Party in disgust.  Trump has each of his companies donate $500 to the Crist campaign, which was the legal limit at that time, and in order to funnel a total of $4500 into Crist’s coffers.  But, there is nothing to suggest that Trump got anything in return.

That stands in sharp contrast to much more recent activity of a $25,000 donation to a political group supporting current Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi. That dollar amount was legally allowable under campaign financing law since it was not donated directly to the campaign.  Trump had his charitable foundation make the donation, a violation of non-profit law.  And this was immediately returned by Bondi in a favor of dropping her planned investigation into Trump University scandal.  This week New York’s Attorney General effectively cited the Trump Foundation illegal donation to Bondi among a number of other violations.


Another bribe was made by Trump to Greg Abbott, then the Attorney General of Texas, though he appears to have been more careful to cover his legal tracks in this instance.  But this 10 year old illegal bribe of Charlie Crist suggests that he has been buying off or trying and failing to buy off politicians for some time and Trump has been willing to break the law in order to make is happen.

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