Posted by: maboulette | September 28, 2016

New ISIS Recruiting Tool Already Being Used


Countless foreign affairs experts (including plenty of Republicans) and weathered military brass all agree: Donald Trump is grossly unfit to be Commander and Chief. But in reality, it’s not just that Trump lacks presidential qualifications; its that he’s uniquely qualified to make things a lot worse.

Recruitment tool   

It’s already happening. ISIS is using Donald Trump as a recruitment tool, galvanizing support and boosting their momentum.


Think of it this way: if ISIS is a fire that we have to put out, having no access to water or a fire hose would render one unfit to fight it. However, the frightening truth is that Trump and his Republican backers are actively, willingly, and ignorantly throwing gasoline on the flames.

ISIS for Trump 

If you don’t trust U.S. politicians, then at least trust U.S. enemies: ISIS is rooting for a Trump presidency because it gives them a leg up. But why? 


First,  the ISIS worldview is simple: They see the world as believers vs. non-believers, divided between land governed by their version of Islam and the lands of its enemies. ISIS fears religious freedom and secular society, which is why their main goal is to “destroy the gray area of coexistence.” ISIS approves of Western Islamophobia, because it fuels their “us vs. them” doctrine; they gain power and support from the irresponsible and hateful brand of divisiveness that Trump flings around when he solicits cheers for anti-Muslim rhetoric — like he did when he insulted the family of a fallen Muslim-American soldier.

Ban on Muslims

What’s more, scholars agree that Trump’s proposal to ban Muslims from entering the U.S. is illegal under U.S. and international law, citing the U.S. Constitution’s equal protection clause and the 1st Amendment’s doctrine of freedom of religion. It’s not just illegal, it’s also not possible:  there’s no ‘religion’ column on passports.  There is no way to tell if a person is Muslim. So Trump’s absurd proposal has the sole effect of playing into ISIS’s narrative–basically doing their dirty work for them

Already occurring

It isn’t all just theory, either. In a new analysis, Foreign Affairs magazine recently interviewed ISIS supporters, and according to a former ISIS fighter and self-identified jihadist, “We don’t need to convince Muslims in the Middle East that the West is against them … The next step for the Islamic State is to reach Muslims in America and Europe.” Another said, “Congratulations to us on the victory of Trump! Sit back and relax and watch the end of America at his hands.”

Incite support

From the same Foreign Affairs analysis, another man who left ISIS said that ISIS wants to make the West an “incubator” for locally inspired attacks. ISIS is currently using video footage of Trump’s anti-Muslim sentiments around the attacks in Brussels and Orlando to recruit and incite support.



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