Posted by: maboulette | September 27, 2016

Post-Debate Survey


 A Public Policy Polling Post-debate survey Monday night found voters believe Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton defeated GOP nominee Donald Trump, with young voters driving the poll results.


In the survey of 1,002 debate-watchers, who were pre-screened as planning to watch the debate and answer poll questions immediately after:

  • Clinton: 51 percent;
  • Trump: 40 percent;
  • Young voters: Clinton, 63-24 percent.

Younger voters

The younger voters also said, by 47 percent, that they are more likely to vote for Clinton after the debate, while 10 percent said they are less likely to vote for her.

Meanwhile, 23 percent of the younger voters said the debate made it more likely they’ll vote for Trump, and 39 percent said they are less likely to pick him.

Other categories

Clinton also scored higher than Trump in several other categories

  • Women: Clinton, 54-36 percent;
  • African-American or Latino voters: 77-13 percent;
  • White voters: Trump, 47-45.
  • Clinton also scored higher when it comes to temperament to be president with 55 percent of voters saying she has the temperament, compared to 42 percent who said Trump does.

In other numbers

  • 52-41 percent, Clinton is prepared to be president;
  • 42-52 percent, Trump is not prepared;
  • 56-35 percent, Clinton can be trusted with nuclear weapons;
  • 42-51 percent, Trump cannot be trusted with them.

The poll carried a 3.1 point margin of error.







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