Posted by: maboulette | September 24, 2016

Couldn’t Resist Auction Gift

Donald Trump’s charity non-profit Trump Foundation does not exist for its stated purpose of helping those in need, unless one believes Trump himself is among the needy. Yes, Trump was so desperately in need he used the Trump Foundation’s funds to purchase himself a lunch with a Hollywood actress.


In 2008, Trump was a guest at a Gucci charity auction where he had an opportunity to bid on something he found too irresistible to pass up: a trip to France  including lunch with Salma Hayek which would take place in the husband of Hayek billionaire François-Henri Pinault’s vineyard.

Couldn’t resist

Comedian Chris Rock was hosting the auction and said the auction includedSalma Hayek and her breasts“, which was like blood in the water for Trump. He feverishly bid on the potential meeting all the way up to the tune of $120,000 of the Trump Foundation’s money. Surely a ritzy meal in a billionaire’s vineyard was the best way for Trump to help the needy.

Who took the trip

Trump bidding on the auction trip with the foundation’s money very likely violated a non-profit law which prohibits “self-dealing” as 501c3 organizations are required to disclose any use of money to purchase gifts for an organization’s executives. Trump’s campaign says he did not personally take the trip, but could also not offer an elaboration as to who did actually take the trip to France. Even if Trump had given the trip to a family member, he would still be in violation.


For her part Hayek, while a guest on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on March 30, 2016, said she and Trump have known each other for many years but did not state when they first met. She went on to call Trump’s politics “madness” and wondered why so many individuals are supporting him.

In later media appearances, Hayak was not nearly as charitable about Donald Trump. While a guest on “The Late Late Show With James Corden” on August 4, 2016 Hayak said of Trump, “We have a first-grade boy running for President of the United States.”

Hayek has not been quiet about Trump‘s hateful rhetoric but she gave him points for showing the world racism still exists. While being interviewed onAmerica with Jorge Ramoson August 6, 2016 Hayak said, “The good thing about what Trump did is that it’s shown a light to the level of the problem of racism.”

It is safe to say that during their years of knowing one another Hayek has had enough of Trump’s sub-human personality, and if the two were to meet and converse in the future it would be a tense conversation.


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