Posted by: maboulette | September 24, 2016

Cincinnati Enquirer Endorsement


The Dallas Morning News is not the only publication that has decided to rebel against Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

100 years

After supporting GOP presidential candidates for almost a century, the Cincinnati Enquirer editorial board stated Friday that they would break with practice and give their support to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. While their op-ed said that Clinton has plenty of flaws when compared to Trump, it stated that her accomplishments, approach to issues, and her political expertise are more appealing than the incendiary, untested and impulsive alternative.


The paper listed several of their grievances with Clinton, including what they see as her distant relationship with the press and poor judgment in handling classified information. Even so, the Enquirer determined that Clinton was cleared by the Benghazi investigations (which the paper said was “never the diabolical conspiracy that Republicans wanted us to believe”) and that she has achievements to her name where Trump does not:

“This editorial board has been consistent in its criticism of his policies and temperament beginning with the Republican primary. We’ve condemned his childish insults; offensive remarks to women, Hispanics and African-Americans; and the way he has played on many Americans’ fears and prejudices to further himself politically. Trump brands himself as an outsider untainted by special interests, but we see a man utterly corrupted by self-interest. His narcissistic bid for the presidency is more about making himself great than America. Trump tears our country and many of its people down with his words so that he can build himself up. What else are we left to believe about a man who tells the American public that he alone can fix what ails us?

Political change

The Enquirer acknowledged a wide-spread desire for political change, but determined that country would suffer incalculable damage if that change were to come via electing to the presidency an “offensive, erratic” person like Trump.

“In these uncertain times, America needs a brave leader, not bravado. Real solutions, not paper-thin promises,” the piece states. “It’s time to elect the first female U.S. president – not because she’s a woman, but because she’s hands-down the most qualified choice.”

Last Democrat 1916

The last Democrat that the Enquirer supported was President Woodrow Wilson, during his 1916 re-election effort. Yet another paper that endorsed Clinton today was the Los Angeles Times, which described Trump as a “thin-skinned demagogue who is unqualified and unsuited to be president.”


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